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Charity Donation Prestrele It and Condrobs

Prestele IT – Find Giving To Be The Greatest Gift

December 6, 2021 Administrator 0 Comment

Find Giving To Be The Greatest Gift

In the season of giving, we would like to give something back to society: We are delighted to support the social work of Condrobs e.V. with IT equipment. Our laptops will benefit those in need of help at the youth and addiction support association in Munich in their everyday work and school life. Learn more about the campaign in this article!

Giving that helps

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown, and the temporary switch to home schooling, the association Condrobs e.V. with its numerous local community support projects has been desperately looking for laptops, and IT equipment for their community members. When Prestele IT heard about this, we decided to pay Condrobs a visit, and offer to step in as their local IT service provider. A way for us to give back and support the local society too.

Prestele IT chose to support the “Integrationsprojekt Kistlerhofstraße", an integrative housing project for young refugees and students, and “easyContact", an assisted living facility for young adults with an addiction background, with laptops. The community members can use these in their everyday work and school life.

Prestele IT team

Featured on the left are the two young men, whom were present during the laptop handover at Condrobs on behalf of the members. They both came to Germany about 5 years ago and live in the “Integrationsprojekt Kistlerhofstraße" facility. Both have learned German diligently since their arrival and are in the middle of their vocational training. In the residential facility they have easily made friends and made good friends. There is a lively exchange between the refugees and students; joint events (when Corona doesn’t throw a spanner in the works) strengthen cohesion. Both the two boys and the management were delighted with the notebooks they received and are grateful for the support.

Prestele IT team member
Prestele IT team member
Prestele IT team member

About Condrobs e.V.

The association Condrobs e.V. offers help throughout Bavaria for children, adolescents and young adults who find themselves in a difficult life situation. Condrobs helps those at risk of addiction and those suffering from addiction to leave their addiction and return to a self-determined, healthy life as well as to work. More info about organization at

In Condrobs’ integrative housing project, 61 unaccompanied minors and young adult refugees find a new home. Here they can get their bearings and receive support for social integration. The aim of the integrative housing model is for the young refugees to come into contact with young people living in Germany right from the start, to live with them and learn from them.

The laptops also benefit the “easyContact" project, a supervised residential facility for young adults with addiction backgrounds. Here, clients receive regular care and support for an independent, self-determined life. The aim is to develop life goals, create career prospects and organize daily life.

Why giving is good

The “365give" initiative shows us why giving does good. Donations have a positive effect on both givers and recipients. Giving provides euphoria, increases feelings of confidence, optimism and connectedness, and even lowers stress levels!

Everyone can benefit:


  • A positive image in the community
  • A positive corporate culture
  • A common corporate goal


  • Improvement of academic performance
  • Reduction of emotional stress and increase of optimism
  • Increase in positive social behavior

International Volunteer Day

Every day, volunteers dedicate their time and effort to support those left behind and in need, and to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Acts that deserve great appreciation. To this end, the United Nations has declared December 5 “International Volunteer Day."

At Condrobs e.V., too, numerous volunteers get involved every day in a variety of ways to look after the welfare of children, adolescents and young adults in emergency situations. They all make a valuable contribution to society and go some way towards achieving the SDGs.

the global goals

Extract of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

At this point, we would also like to thank the volunteer agency Tatendrang e.V., which connects volunteers and various locations. Tatendrang supported us and made us aware of the IT needs of Condrobs e.V. – so that our help arrives at the right place!

IT equipment required?

You also need laptops and technical equipment for your workplace? We offer software and hardware for the perfect equipment at the mobile workplace.