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Communication & Telephony

Ensuring efficient communication in teams – especially in times of home office, agile project work and with employees at different locations, may be a challenge. Reachability has to be guaranteed at all times, regardless of location and devices. Thanks to modern tools, and services like Communication and Telephony tool,however, this is not a problem. We offer suitable solutions for efficient communication in your company!

Efficient communication at the modern workplace

modern solutions - communication

As an important part of the modern workplace, collaboration and communication tools offer a unified solution for corporate communication and Telephony services. Fixed-line telephony and e-mails as internal means of communication are thus replaced or supplemented. Use these tools to communicate efficiently and work productively in your company. Collaboration tools also fulfil many other valuable functions for teamwork.

Modern, location-independent solutions are also available for external communication and telephony, for example with customers. With the help of VoIP telephone systems, you can be reached everywhere via landline calls – even if you are not sitting at your desk in the office.

  • Efficient working methods
  • Transparent communication
  • Internal and external accessibility
  • Structured collaboration
  • Facilitated agile working

Internal and external communication

No matter the size of your company – communication is fundamental for daily cooperation and a productive working day. Successful collaboration requires constant accessibility and transparent communication. It’s about sharing information quickly and easily – from any device or location:


Contact your colleagues quickly and easily: Stop the daily flood of e-mails. Instead, use direct and data-secure chats at the workplace:

  • Individual chats
  • Group chats
  • Chats for dedicated groups, e.g. departments and teams

Video and voice calls are also possible: instead of a landline call, use Microsoft Teams to call your colleagues with just one click. This enables great spontaneity and exchange in the fastest way.


With modern, internet-based telephony, landline calls can be made and received – in the office, in the home office or on the road. Easy-to-use telecommunication software offers extensive functions to manage calls optimally.

Modern telephone system for your company

telephony system

Available everywhere

With the use of modern software for internet telephony, the bulky desk phone at the office workplace is a thing of the past. The right software enables fixed-line telephony via different end devices: PC, tablet, smartphone.
With a software-based telephone system, you can be reached with a personal landline number for both internal and external contacts throughout - and from any location.
All you need for telephoning via the internet is a terminal, a stable internet connection and suitable communication software.
Such a telephone system is flexible to handle: new employees or locations can be easily connected or added.
Thanks to the practical mobile applications, you can also access the full range of functions of the virtual telephone system from the home office and on the move on your smartphone.

The advantages of a modern telephony solution

Cost efficiency
Fast deployment
easy scalability
High Flexibility
Location independence
Easy handling

Swyx - Modern Telecommunication software

Use Swyx as a modern, IP-based telephone system in your company. The software is easy to use via the internet connection and can be used on a PC with headset or on a smartphone. With your personal telephone number, you can be reached by everyone, no matter where you are.

Easy contact with internal and external
Fast and smooth exchange
Easy-to-use and user-friendly interface
Extensive telephony functions: Availability display, queue management, call routing, voice mail
Provision from the cloud or in-house at your site
Set-up and maintenance of the virtual telephone system as well as support by Prestele IT

Excellent communication and Telephony services with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams as a chat-based workspace in Microsoft 365 that brings together all content, tools, contacts and conversations in one place.

Microsoft Teams is thus an indispensable tool for daily work. Use Microsoft Teams as a central place for teamwork and stay connected with your colleagues everywhere. Form spontaneous discussion groups or create targeted work- and topic-related chat channels. In the chat, send messages, share documents or pictures, specifically with a certain person or with the entire team. Always have an eye on the chat progress.

Use emojis, stickers and GIFS to make your messages friendly, personal and human. Give your colleagues feedback in the quickest way possible and always keep track of all activities. Thanks to the integrated status display, you can always see who is available. If a more detailed meeting is needed spontaneously, start a video or audio call with the person or group concerned directly from the chat with just one click.

All this is also possible on mobile devices with the MS Teams app! This way you are always seamlessly connected with your team and are always up to date even when you are on the road! By using our communication and telephony services, you can easily interact with your team

Microsoft 365 & Teams
  • Chat for fast exchange
  • Video and voice calls
  • Shared document management and editing

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