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Managed Email Archiving

Using our services for email archiving, all your emails will be archived fully automated and legally compliant. On the one hand, there is a legal obligation to archive business e-mails. On the other hand, lost data can be restored in an emergency or user errors.

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Legal Compliance
email archiving solution

Email Archiving Solution

E-mail archiving is a topic that affects every company, as there is a general duty to archive. Legally compliant electronic e-mail archiving is necessary. Our e-mail archiving fulfils legal requirements and internal company guidelines: it is audit-compliant according to GoBD. You can back up any number of mailboxes with all incoming and outgoing emails, including attachments. It sustainanly protects against data loss. The archive is very easy to use: you can access the archives and use a search function for emails and attachments. As it is an online service, it is available at any time. Also, restoration is possible at any time

With our service, no manual backups are necessary. Thus you avoid errors and consistently meet all legal requirements!

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