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5 questions that will get you there quickly

What kind of error did you receive ( short description with screenshot )?
Where did this error occur ( Program and operating system version or name )?
When did the error occur?
How often did this error occur already?
What "impact" / "urgency" does this error have for you?
Prestele IT support


A case/case (support case, change management, project task) can be classified into the following levels:

Prio-0 Prio-1 Prio-2 Prio-3 Prio-4

The priority is calculated according to priority = impact x urgency. These result from the query of impact and urgency.

Impact/ Urgency 4-lower 3-normal 2-high 1-very high
4-Person Prio-4 Prio-4 Prio-3 Prio-2
3-Department Prio-4 Prio-3 Prio-2 Prio-1
2-Location Prio-4 Prio-3 Prio-1 Prio-0
1-Enterprise Prio-3 Prio-2 Prio-0 Prio-0
Effects   Urgency
4-Person This request concerns only one person.   4-Lower Low urgency
(smaller activities which are not absolutely necessary for the current operation)
3-Department This request concerns an entire department or a department cannot work.   3-normal Normal urgency
(used as standard for normal activities when there is a concern)
2-Location This concerns an entire site or a site cannot work   2-High

High urgency

(The case is more urgent than other requests and will be dealt with as soon as possible)

1-Enterprise The entire company is affected and may not be able to work, e.g. in case of a total system shutdown   1-Very high Very high urgency
(absolutely necessary for the running operation)