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IT Auditing & Analysis

Inventory of existing IT Infrastructure

Information technology (IT ) infrastructure is a core element in the business of every company. Our Managed IT Services can optimize the business processes of your company. In our IT auditing procedure, an overview of the IT infrastructure will collect first. Then with this well-founded actual analysis, we will offer the best solutions and proposals. So, All the computer-based processes and workflows will be recorded to provide optimization proposals to achieve faster and effective work processes.

IT audit
Procedures for Auditing
Procedure for IT Auditing

What are the things included in IT infrastructure Analysis?

Devices in the network:- Like PCs, laptops, printers, etc.
Analysis of hardware:- We analyze server and network components like firewalls, core switches , wifi controllers, network storage devices, etc
Operating systems, installed programmes and applications (with examination of licences)
Status of IT security for the whole organization.
IT infrastructure analysis with Prestele IT
IT audit

An IT audit is the analysis and evaluation of an organization’s information technology (IT) infrastructure, policies, and operations. Information technology (IT audit) audits are used to determine the possibility of errors that can occur in the infrastructure. Then provide appropriate solutions to improve. It will help to point out the flaws and weak points in the infrastructure.

In any modern company environment, the entire business flow and financial controls will be embedded within the information technology (IT) infrastructure. So, IT audits are dedicated to ensuring these core elements and will be prioritizing the data and infrastructure security of the company.

Based on this detailed analysis, we will formulate the appropriate solutions and upgrades required and with the implementation of managed IT,  your business can be equipped with centralized control and security.

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