Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

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Disaster recovery is a method of takeback access and functionality to its IT infrastructure after incidents like a cyber attack, natural disaster, or even business disruptions. The objective of a disaster recovery plan is to confirm that a company can reply to a disaster or other emergency that affects information systems, and minimize the effect on business operations.

Business continuity
Proactive: Measures and strategies for business continuity in emergency and crisis situations
Disaster Recovery
Reactive: Maintenance of infrastructure and effortless recovery of data after application errors
Restoring data & system backups in the event of an emergency

Backup and disaster recovery is a combination of data backup and disaster recovery solutions that work cohesively to ensure a company’s business continuity. Businesses require backup and recovery solutions that will support the company’s data protection policies and business service levels. Disruptions in data availability can have catastrophic effects on companies. Disruptions cannot be prevented or completely ruled out, but it is possible to prepare for them. Therefore, a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy and business continuity plan are necessary. In the event of a disaster, it is necessary to act appropriately to maintain business operations. Adequate measures help to be prepared and avoid losses. So the primary purpose of a backup is to restore a system in the event of some kind of failure.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity as a Managed Service from Prestele

The aim is to remain capable of doing business in the event of failures or damage events. Therefore, measures and processes have to be created that maintain IT operations under crisis situations and ensure a smooth start-up after a failure. This is not just about simply restoring data, but maintaining entire systems and infrastructure. Getting systems up and running again within the shortest possible time in order to remain capable of doing business.
Business Continuity Plan
Creation of possible problem scenarios

This is about organizing IT operations in crisis conditions and a smooth start-up after an outage. Therefor, alternative plans for infrastructure failure will be created. Continuation of business-critical functions after an incident or disaster must be ensured. Also, regular recovery tests will be arranged.
Disaster Recovery Plan
Data recovery, emergency and crisis management

In this step, technical recovery measures will be determined. Developping measures on how to respond to disruptions to minimise impact and damage to your business. Entire systems or individual files can be restored anytime, anywhere from our cloud. Data recovery is based on regular, reliable backups.

Potential triggres of crisis

Hardware and software failure
Network failure
Power failure
Operating errors
Hacker attack
Natural disasters

We support you with emergency concepts and data backup – adjusted to your requirements! Managed Backup & Archiving & Disaster Recovery from Prestele IT ensure the most efficient and failure-free IT operation possible. A cost-efficient way to avoid data loss.


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