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Virtual Collaboration

Virtual collaboration is becoming more and more established and is leading the way for future ways of working. It is no longer just a supplementary component, but a fundamental part of everyday working life. Therefore, it is imperative to switch to modern collaboration tools and new ways of working. As your IT partner, we support you in this process!

Digital collaboration at the workplace

digital collaboration at the workplace

The path to virtual communication and collaboration: As part of our services for the Modern Workplace, we advise you in detail on the digital transformation of your everyday working life. Work with us to advance digital collaboration in your company and work more flexibly and productively.

Modern collaboration tools and new ways of working replace analogue processes and create location independence. These make it possible to no longer have to be in the same place as colleagues and still successfully reach the goal together.

We analyse your requirements and the need for optimisation and implement the right solution for you. As a Microsoft partner, we pave the way for simple, digital collaboration: With Microsoft 365 as an all-inclusive application for smart collaboration.

What is virtual collaboration?

Virtual teamwork is usually teamwork with members who are physically separated from each other. They communicate and organise themselves primarily through digital channels. Chats, emails or video conferences are used here. Also important are unified access to resources and the possibility to work on documents together. Virtual collaboration is currently on the rise, as many employees work from home offices. We help you to switch to digital teamwork as quickly as possible!

Key features & benefits

Joint processing of documents independent of time and place
Fast file exchange and file access from anywhere
Central storage of files and documents
Automatic synchronisation across different devices
For agile project work and structured working methods
Simplified knowledge transfer
Ideal for working in the home office

How to manage virtual collaboration

Shifting daily collaboration to the digital environment offers great added value. Thanks to modern solutions, you can work together digitally and securely at any time – seamless, optimised and effective collaboration with coordinated workflows.

At the core of digital collaboration is the optimised use of shared resources. All kinds of documents, files and other work materials must be centrally accessible for every employee.

Appropriate tools therefore offer shared file storage and the cooperative, location-independent editing of documents. This allows your employees to work together on a project from different locations. Documents can even be edited simultaneously and synchronise across different devices. Changes are automatically updated and can be tracked in real time thanks to direct, constant networking.

In this way, knowledge can be shared easily and uncomplicatedly. Create short, direct communication channels and fast information exchange – saving you valuable time in your day-to-day business!

virtual collaboration

Virtual collaboration with Microsoft 365

Work seamlessly in a team: Work in a perfectly organised team with conversations, files, meetings and applications in one place, even when you’re on the move. Bring your team together in virtual meetings. Microsoft 365 offers many features for editing and sharing documents together. The individual applications grow together thanks to synchronisation across all Microsoft applications.

Work better together

With the standard Office applications Word, Excel and PowerPoint, several people can work on one and the same document at the same time
Changes made are immediately displayed on the screen of the co-workers. Changes can also be easily tracked retrospectively.
No active saving necessary: automatic saving ensures that all users are always shown the current version
Usable on different devices: smartphone, tablet or laptop. Simply open, edit and share files
Central storage of files and documents with access rights for all relevant users - thanks to SharePoint and OneDrive
Editing also in MS Teams: sharing and joint editing of documents in real time with familiar applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint

All components are coordinated and work together seamlessly. This uniform solution results in a greatly simplified administrative effort. In addition, cumbersome and time-consuming work steps are eliminated. This enables highly efficient work and offers valuable time savings. Microsoft 365 creates a smart workplace with seamless collaboration, smooth workflows and improved communication. This makes for a motivating work environment!

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