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Team in desert evaluating core values

Reaching the goal together – Teamworkshop Part 2/2

January 15, 2022 Administrator 0 Comment

Prestele IT elaborating core values in UAE desert team building day

After the team workshop in Munich, back in November, a similar workshop was held for all English-speaking colleagues in the United Arab Emirates. The goal of these workshops was to introduce the new vision, mission and strategic goals of Prestele IT to the entire team.

In addition, the aim was to give all employees the opportunity to contribute their ideas and understanding on corporate values in the workplace, what matters most to them, and to agree on a common set of values going forward.

Prestele IT UAE team building

Location: Bedouin Oasis Camp, Ras Al Khaimah Desert

An interactive day in desert camp

Prestele IT UAE interactive day

Activity Map For The Bedouin Oasis Camp, Ras Al Khaimah

Colleagues from India, Poland, the UAE and Germany met for a joint workshop in the middle of the desert at the “Bedouin Oasis Camp" not far from our office in Ras Al Khaimah. Since a large part of the participants work exclusively mobile online, the personal meeting was all the more joyful and exciting.

The event started in a pleasant atmosphere in an area of the camp reserved especially for the team. At the beginning, the team was presented with the company’s vision, mission and goals. In the following activity, the participants* explored the surroundings in small groups – on foot or also on a quad bike. The aim of the activity was to visit various stations on the site and collect the company values placed there on small cards. After climbing dunes, passing camels and an exciting quad bike ride, the entire team came together again to discuss their achievements and present them to the other participants. Everyone explained the values at work that were important to her or him personally.

The conclusion: Despite different personal priorities, there are also many commonalities – values that seem to be important to everyone. Thus, when the results from the German side were brought together in November, a common consensus was reached on basic values and how to treat each other in the workplace. The result was summarized in six central corporate values.

Prestele IT corporate values

We work together to ensure that resources are well-managed and less time is needed to complete a project.
We act with integrity with project team members by being honest with them and clear about the expectations and intentions.
While working together on projects, we ensure that projects do not lose momentum and power through difficult times to successful completion.
We innovate ideas to make changes or modifications to improve something that already exists and we revolutionize a project.
With hard work, persistence and determination, we're able finish projects on time and of a high standard.
We try to do business without negative impact on the environment, community, and society.

These core values are part of our brand identity. They set expectations for employee behavior and also increase employee engagement. With the help of these actively lived values, our entire company can master difficult situations and achieve positive results – even when the team is mobile and working at different locations.

End of an exciting day

After one or the other had a go at camel riding, the day in “Bedouin Oasis Camp" ended with a BBQ, accompanied by a fire show and belly dancing. An exciting day for all, which will be remembered for a long time.

More impressions of the day

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