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Managed IT Security

IT security is a set of strategies, that protect unauthorized access to organizational assets such as computer systems, networks, and data.  It maintains the integrity and confidentiality of the whole system and helps to block the access of sophisticated hackers. As hackers get smarter, the requirement to protect digital assets and network devices becomes more important.

Your Data is Safe with Our Specialists
Active monitoring and quick response to threats
Use of modern equipment and intelligent technologies
Live security analysis with Security Heartbeat
Reliable protection for business-critical data and applications
Reducing the chances of attack
Cyber ​​Risk Reduction
Extensive transparency and review of the network
Extensive expertise from our IT security experts
IT Security 1 managed it security

Why Managed It Security with Prestele IT?

Lower risks
Higher Security
Lower Costs

Protect your business from security threats: security for the entire IT is fundamental for the continuous maintenance of business operations. Therefore act preventively, minimise risks in advance and act quickly in case of emergency. Create security for network, cloud, endpoints and servers. To achieve this, we use the most advanced security solutions from Sophos: perfectly coordinated interaction of firewalls, endpoint, server, and network protection. With this holistic approach, you benefit from IT security at the highest level.

We are the right partner for the necessary security of your IT!

Protected against modern attacks with Sophos solutions

Modern IT landscapes are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated. But at the same time, the approaches and tactics of cybercriminals are also changing. To protect business-critical data from modern threat situations, your company’s IT security measures must comply with these developments. This means that IT security technologies need to be constantly updated and further developed.

We offer advanced IT security solutions beyond simple anti-virus protection. With our cross-industry security solutions, you are protected from security threats in stationery and mobile workplaces. (All devices are protected everywhere, using our managed services).We support you in creating your individual security concept. Based on your requirements and existing infrastructure, we determine the needs and take care of all necessary measures for the optimization of IT security in your company.

We offer solutions like

Backups & Archiving
Virus protection
E-mail backup & archiving
Server monitoring

What are the possible attack surfaces?

Mobile devices
Cloud services
Online activities
ITsecurity system managed it security

Effective protection is important!

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Effective Protection is more important than ever. The need for IT and data security is constantly evolving: new types of attack methods need to be identified early and attacks effectively repelled. With a complete IT security concept from Prestele tailored to your needs, you are well suited to the challenges of today and tomorrow. Together with our IT security partner Sophos, we offer you the best possible security in these areas:

Network Protection
Complete control over all security relevant components of local, cloud, or hybrid environments.
Cloud Security
Reliable protection of cloud infrastructure environments. A cloud firewall provides a layer of protection around cloud assets.
Endpoint And Server Protection
Advanced protection solutions
for endpoint users and
server environments.

What makes Sophos security solutions so special?

Unified IT Security

Instead of using individual solutions with products that work separately from each other, we rely on the comprehensive, intelligently coordinated security system from Sophos. It provides you the best possible security for your IT environment. With Prestele Managed IT Services you get the licenses for Sophos products and services including installation and operation.

Modern Technology
Latest technologies for the best possible protection against highly complex threats
Security Heartbeat
The unique Security Heartbeat is the core of the IT security concept by Sophos, with real-time data exchange thanks to intelligent communication
Synchronized Security
Several technologies work together in a coordinated manner and offer the best protection against coordinated attacks
Artificial Intelligence
The coordinated system enables the individual security technologies to exchange information and automate response measures
sophos synchronized security loop managed it security
Synchronized Security by Sophos
All Sophos products work together, actively exchanging information in real time
Endpoint and firewall constantly exchange information via so-called Security heartbeat
Monitoring of the entire system with real-time data of all components
In case of an attack, reaction measure will immediately be initiated


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