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New Customer Portal

The new Customer Portal

Get in touch with customer support directly

From March 1st, a new online service desk with many improvements is available to all our customers. The customer portal serves as a central point of contact for our services and support. Tickets can be submitted easily and conveniently via an online form – it is no longer necessary to pick up the phone.

New Customer Portal home
Access the Customer Portal
Right here you can access the new customer portal! You do not have any access data yet? Contact us at and we will immediately set up your personal user account.


The portal includes a wide range of functionalities: In addition to submitting issues, inquiries and change requests, customers can view the status of their previously submitted requests as well as update them as needed. The system also sends automatic notifications to inform about the processing status. In addition, quotations can be viewed and approved.  

With this new portal, there is no more need for individual, separate communication channels such as e-mails or phone calls, as all processes are consolidated and managed in one system.


Reporting issues
Logging Change Requests
View Quotations
Accessing the knowledge base
Managing Approvals
Providing Feedback

Why using the customer portal?

There are several ways to contact our support team. Customers can reach out via phone dialling +49 89 990 1817-20 or send their request via email at The easiest and most comfortable way though, is to use the new customer portal. This is the place where the customer can get insights into the entire support process and can find answers quickly.

Start raising a ticket with just one click
Easily follow up with the status of your requests
Prompt resolution of
your inquiries

How to get a prompt solution

To submit a ticket, the customer uses a ready-made form and can provide all the relevant information step by step. This includes the exact description of the problem as well as answering the “S.O.S. questions", which help the support team to quickly troubleshoot the problem. There is also the option to upload attachments such as screenshots.

Change requests can also be submitted digitally. This applies in particular to requests relating to user management, such as deactivating a user or adjusting access rights.

get a prompt solution with Prestele IT

S.O.S. questions to get fast problem resolution

In this way, Prestele IT has all the relevant information available centrally in the portal and the team can process requests quickly and effectively – a step towards even higher quality in service and support processing.

New Customer Portal home
Access the Customer Portal
You do not have any access data yet? Contact us at and we will immediately set up your personal user account.