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Special requirements demand special solutions. Industry expertise is the key to success: you will get it with Prestele! Thanks to our broad industry expertise, we know the current and future challenges of your industry and create individually tailored solutions for you. Based on our experience, you receive practical and well thought-out applications. No matter whether your company is established in the retail, mechanical engineering, service or healthcare sectors – we have the IT solutions to suit your needs!

We personally take care of what you need in your industry!

We have the right solution for your business sector:

eCommerce & Retail

  • Omnichannel Management and user experience
  • Connection to dispatch and payment service providers
  • Management of logistics and supply chain
Prestele eCommerce Suite

Wholesale trade

  • EDI: digitalised processes between customers and suppliers
  • Integration and automation of warehouse and logistics processes
  • Digital inventory planning, purchasing, accounting and order processing
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Logistics and warehouse management

  • Digitalisation and automation of the flow of goods
  • National and international transport and shipping
  • Mobile working in real time with the barcode scanner
Prestele Logistic Suite

Services & project business

  • MARIProject for SAP Business One for a clear overview in the project and service area
  • Including offer calculation, resource planning, ticket system, time recording
  • Uniform solution - Unique digital data acquisition
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Individual and series production

  • PPSOne for SAP Business One as a total solution for manufacturing companies
  • Flexible production processes for efficiency and transparency
  • Including master data management, order, work plan and backlist management
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  • MARIProject for SAP Business One as a complete solution for plant construction
  • For order-related development, individual projects or prototype production
  • Including offer calculation, cost and resource planning, analyses
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  • beA: The electronic lawyers' letterbox for secure communication
  • Standardised and efficient processes
  • Data protection and security
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  • Technical support for medical practice software
  • Protection of patient data
  • Patient administration, personnel and resource planning
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Insurance Brokers

  • Customer service and management
  • Remote work with mobile access to programs and data
  • Contract and document management
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Prestele's individual industry solutions

Focus on sectors and markets – personal advice and individual developments with Prestele.

We offer more than a simple, standardised solution: we explicitly address the industry-specific requirements of your company and offer you the most effective and efficient digital solutions for an optimally running business.

Work with us to find solutions that meet the requirements of your industry.

Let us as professionals manage the digital sector of your industry in conjunction with our incomparable support. With our clever, individually adapted industry solutions, you can take your business forward and always be at the cutting edge of technology.

We advise and support you comprehensively – secure your appointment right away!

Individuelle Branchenlösungen mit Prestele

Branchen und Märkte im Fokus – Persönliche Beratung und individuelle Entwicklungen mit Prestele.

Wir bieten mehr als eine einfache, standardisierte Lösung: Wir widmen uns explizit den branchenspezifischen Ansprüchen Ihres Unternehmens und bieten Ihnen die effektivsten und effizientesten digitalen Lösungen für ein optimal laufendes Business.

Setzen Sie mit uns auf Lösungen, die den Anforderungen Ihrer Branche entsprechen.

Lassen Sie Im Zusammenspiel mit unserem unvergleichlichem Support den digitalen Bereich Ihrer Branche von einem Profi managen. Mit den cleveren, individuell angepassten Branchenlösungen bringen Sie Ihr Unternehmen weiter voran und sind stets auf dem neuesten Stand der Technologie.

Wir beraten und betreuen Sie allumfassend – Sichern Sie sich gleich Ihren Termin! 

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competent and fair

We offer you the solutions that you really need for your industry. At fair prices.

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Bring your industry to the top with our industry solutions. By working together in a spirit of trust and partnership, you will get the support you really need from us.


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We are the trustworthy partner at your side. With Prestele to success, for over 10 years!


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