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Remote Work & Home Office

In addition to the fixed workplace in the office, working outside the company is becoming increasingly relevant. Because home office and mobile work are shaping the working world of today and tomorrow. We advise you on how to set up your mobile workplace according to your needs: After selecting the appropriate hardware and software, our specialists take over the implementation with all the necessary measures. This way you will be up and running as quickly as possible and ready to work from your home office!

Quickly and safely into the home office

with Prestele IT

remote working with Prestele IT

While in some companies the home office has long since become an integral part of everyday company life, in others it is only gradually finding its way in.

The conversion and ad hoc set-up of home office workplaces may be a major challenge – but not with Prestele IT!

  • First-class, modern equipment for the mobile and home workplace
  • Team collaboration from any location
  • Secure access to internal company systems regardless of location

Whether you are just starting out or are already familiar with the concept, we take care of all the necessary steps so that your employees can work from anywhere in the fastest possible way. We provide a fast connection for your employees in the home office so that they also have everything they need for effective and trouble-free work at their home office. We network your team members with modern collaboration tools (Microsoft Teams) and create secure communication channels as well as secure network access for all company-relevant systems.

What is remote working?

Remote working offers employees the opportunity to work independently of location. The weekly working time can be flexibly performed at the workplace in the office, at home or at any other location.

We provide the right equipment for your employees’ remote working!

What is Home Office?

More and more people are working from home offices, especially since the Corona crisis. But what exactly does home office mean?

A home office is an office within one’s own four walls. It is often also referred to as teleworking. The weekly working time is performed at the workplace at home. Home office work is made possible through the use of mobile devices and suitable software. The main difference to mobile working: The place of work is clearly defined, namely one’s own home.

The Workplace Ordinance (ArbStättV) ensures the necessary safety at the home office workplace as well. It regulates the safety and health protection of employees in companies.

Agile workplaces in your company

Mobile working and home office in vogue

The possibility to work from home is not only a valuable measure during the Corona crisis, but will also play an important role in the future. Because mobile working is an important part of the digital workplace of the future.

Mobile working means flexible working: Whether on the train, abroad or in a holiday home on the beach – let your employees decide when and from where they work most productively.

The option of mobile working is an important component of self-determined working and gives your employees the freedom to work when and where they want. In this respect, offering home office is a great attraction factor for companies and offers a high degree of flexibility. The consideration of personal needs, the better compatibility of family and work as well as the bridging of the distance between home and work significantly promote the satisfaction and motivation of your employees. At the same time, it also means flexibility for your company itself: Office space is saved or can be used more flexibly.

Home office with Prestele IT

Individual concepts for your company

As the form of mobile working is becoming more and more popular, you should create the appropriate conditions in your company now at the latest. It is no longer only relevant for business trips and working across locations, but also for flexible working from home. We therefore develop a suitable concept that meets all your company-specific needs. Based on an analysis of your working methods and requirements, we implement the measures tailored to you.

Hardware & Software

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Our experts know what's important

Computer & Supplies
Provision of mobile terminals, such as laptop, monitor, headset, printer. We also take care of configuring the mobile devices and connecting them to the company network.
Cloud Telephony
You can also use an IP-based telephone system perfectly from your home office - so you are always reachable for customers, partners and colleagues.
Microsoft Teams
The comprehensive communication platform and collaboration tool for all purposes. It enables effective collaboration, even if employees are located in different places.
With our Security Services, you get a secure network connection to access corporate data and applications from anywhere.

Ready to use

Work remotely, flexibly and globally
Time, location and device independence thanks to mobile devices and remote access.
Stay connected: Stay in touch with your team from anywhere.
Continuous availability and secure access to in-house systems

There is more to a digital, mobile workplace at home than just a laptop. While suitable technical equipment is an important component for smooth mobile working, all other processes must also be digitised and designed securely.

This includes collaboration tools with possibilities for working together on files and documents, for video conferences, for exchanges via chat (instead of e-mail) and an internet-based telephone system. Microsoft Teams offers all this. In addition, secure and easy access to all necessary company resources must be created. After all, in order to be able to do their work, employees absolutely must be able to access data on the company network. This requires appropriate security measures.

Security & Support

Security solutions with Prestele IT

Inadequate security measures are a threat to the entire company. We provide suitable solutions for the security of your IT environment. With our Managed IT Security Services, your mobile workplace is just as well protected as your stationary workplace. Using VPN, you receive a secure, encrypted connection to the company network – for problem-free working from home or on the road.

Prestele IT Support

We also take care of the management of mobile devices. As part of our Managed Services for Clients, we keep an eye on all your mobile devices. Thanks to Endpoint Protection, your devices are always protected – no matter where you are. Should problems ever arise, our support team is of course also available for your employees in the home office!

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