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SAP Business One Price Calculator

Configuration according to your needs

Before you start thinking about what exactly you need, and if so, how much of it, we will calculate your SAP Business One in line with your company’s objectives and requirements. All the SAP Business One calculator needs to know is a few details about who will be responsible for the project management, whether you want to rent or buy, which and above all how many employee functions it should use, and it will calculate exactly the ideal configuration. So, you never have too little and never pay too much.


    Please decide whether the project management of the implementation should be provided by our company, or whether you take over the project management yourself.


    Please decide whether you want to buy or rent the licenses. The operation as a cloud service is mandatory for rental licenses. Rental licenses cannot be operated in your house.

    No. of Employee Users Per Function

    Please enter the number of employees from each department/function whom should work on the system. The necessary license requirements are determined by the scope of work in the respective departments/functions.


    Please provide us with your contact details. You will then receive your indication offer in a few moments.

    In order to provide you with the information, we need to save and process your personal data. If you consent to us storing your personal data for this purpose, please activate the following check box.