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Professional IT Consulting

In the world of IT new technology coming up daily, Out of them, some are here to stay and shape the future, while others slowly die. With new technologies come new challenges. The role of IT consultants with Prestele IT is not limited to providing software or helping you with installations, our IT Consultants Team and managed IT Team will help your company against any IT issues.

We provide consultation in the following fields

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Data Protection Consulting
Data Protection Consulting
We provide a complete guide to GDPR compliance. Our external data protection officers take care of all issues in your company and support in implementing and complying with the GDPR.
Data Protection Workshop
we analyze working methods and requirements for your organization and provide appropriate solutions along with workshops for your team to derive suitably.
Data Protection Auditing
IT Auditing
we audit the complete IT infrastructure of your organization and give the best solutions and proposals. It will help to achieve faster and effective work processes for your enterprises.


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