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Leading global IT products & IT service provider for small and medium-sized businesses, driven by innovation and excellence.
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We Make IT Happen. Through Innovative Products and IT Services, Leading Digital Performance and Productivity Globally.
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For our customers, we go beyond standards and enable them to achieve the best possible digital transformation. Through innovation and development, together we can achieve more.


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Benefit from our IT services and hand us over the management of your IT infrastructure. We will take care of your IT projects and support concerning any IT operations. With our services we offer a full-service package that leaves nothing to be desired! Whether maintenance work, installation of updates, or if there is an acute need for action, we are always at your side.

Our expert IT support and monitoring services identify and fix issues before there’s any impact on your business. Our stress-free IT managed services ensures your systems runs like clockwork, and your business run smoothly.
Highly efficient business software is fundamental for a successfully running business. Discover how our digital solutions can help you to accomplish your goals.
We're always seeking innovative products and services at enterprise level, new ways in which technology can create a more efficient organization and improve alignment
We ensure both Prestele IT, and our clients computer systems and networks are protected from information disclosure, theft of or damage to hardware, software, or electronic data,
We provide IT hardware solutions for both internal and external hardware. Buy or Rent options are also available for small and medium sized enterprises.
We offer software applications and add-ons that run seamlessly integrated to SAP Business One. Logistics and eCommerce suite, barcode scanner and shipping software.


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SAP Business One is designed for small to medium-sized enterprises with ambitions for growth, created to grow with your company, as well as subsidiaries of large enterprises. A flexible and powerful solution, yet simple and intuitive to use, with a user-friendly interface. This is one of the main reasons why over 70,000 businesses worldwide choose to use SAP Business One, with 80% of SAP’s global customer base being SMEs.

Management & Administration Module

The system administration section contains the basic system settings: customising the end-user experience according to specific company requirements, edit business partner properties, and setting up different user-authorisations and abilities, as well as data import/export functions.

Employee master data
Workflow designer
User administration & authorisations
System settings
Management & administration system

Accounting & Financials

SAP Business One provides a complete set of tools to help manage and streamline your financial operation. It automates everyday accounting tasks such as maintaining ledger and journal entries, supporting tax calculations , and enabling multicurrency transactions. You can conduct all your banking activities – including processing bank statements and payments, as well as reconciling accounts. You can also manage cash flow, track budgets, and compare actuals versus plans to see when your business stands at a moments notice. By integrating your financial operation in real time with other business processes, such as purchasing and sales you can speed transactions and improve visibility into cash flow. 

Automatically handle all key accounting processes, such as journal entries, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.
Accurately manage cash flow, track fixed assets, control budgets, and monitor projects costs.
Management of fixed, the fixed asset function frees you from repetitive manual data entry.
Banking and Reconciliation:
quickly process reconciliations, bank statements, and payments by various methods including cheques, cash and bank transfers.
Financial reporting and analysis:
Create standard or customized reports from real-time data for business planning and audit reviews.

Inventory & Distribution

SAP Business One offers full transparency and control functions in the areas of storage location management, inventory management or inventory processing. It provides accurate information about inbound and outbound shipments, inventory, and item location. You can value inventory using various methods, monitor stock levels, and track transfers in real time. Easily run realtime inventory updates and availability checks to be always updated.

Warehouse and inventory management
Item management
Item lists
Price lists
Goods receipts
Inventory Distribution 02 SAP Business One Partner

Production & MRP

Intelligent production planning and management:  With the MRP module, you  optimise your stock control and materials planning. To control your production processes, bills of materials, production order, input from production, output for production and production reports are available. SAP Business One automatically creates production orders and bill of material lists from your order data.

Bills of material
Item sets
Production orders
Manufacturing details
Goods issues

Project & Resource Management

Use the Project & Resource Management module to manage your projects from start to finish. All project related transactions, documents, resources, and activities are centralized in this module. Easily monitor the progress of tasks, stages, subprojects or analyze budget costs. Also, you will be able to generate reports on various aspects of the project, such as open issues, and resources.

Project management
Detailed project overview
Overview hierarchical structure of projects
Project stages
Stage dependencies
Sub-projects handling

CRM, Sales & Service

With the ERP system you control your entire sales process and make your customer relationships more efficient and flexible. SAP B1 captures the entire sales cycle: from initial contact and the sales process to service, support, and after-sales. Order management, recording of deliveries and returns, invoicing and document creation complete the core sales functions. With SAP Business One, you can also store and manage your customer data and maintain an overview of the entire customer lifecycle. Control your campaigns and marketing activities with the ERP software to address prospects and acquire new customers. Meaningful reports and analyses complete your CRM.

Opportunity and pipeline management
Customer management
Service management
Campaign management
Blanket agreements

Purchasing & Operations

Your SAP Business One offers innovative solutions for your inventory management system: The purchasing organization and material requirements planning are optimized and thus made more efficient. SAP B1 maps all goods transactions simply and clearly and centralizes all data related to the purchasing process. At the same time, warehouse stocks are synchronized with goods receipt, which significantly simplifies procurement planning. Thanks to integrated reports and real-time data, you have all the important processes under control, anywhere and anytime.

Purchase requests
Purchase quotations
Web-enabled request for quotation from multiple suppliers
Blanket agreements


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We are digital artists, we love technology and creating the seemingly impossible. Our mission is to make the digital world as easy as possible for people to work in our increasingly complex work processes through our special all-inclusive support, our innovative, intelligent integrations for SAP Business One and our in-depth know-how.

Philipp SAP Business One Partner

Philipp Prestele

Thomas SAP Business One Partner

Thomas Lorenz

Head of Operations
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Nailah Aljasmi

Chief Marketing Officer
Robert SAP Business One Partner

Robert Rendulic

Head Of IT Service Desk










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Check it out yourself! Read more about the experiences and assessments of our partners and customers. To give you an impression of our work, we have compiled some customer opinions here. Prestele is your IT partner in Munich. We are looking forward to your enquiry!


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Discover the latest news and trends from the IT Industry, ERP and our company.


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Successful together! We deal with our partners and competitors in a professional, fair, respectful, reliable, and responsible manner. Together with our partners we realise digital projects and everyone contributes with his all-encompassing know-how.

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