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Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers with dedicated resources exclusively used by you! With exclusive access you have complete control of your server resources. With your own dedicated resources, you have all the capabilities you require.Our experts provide support and maintain your server in optimum conditions. Servers are located in our data center in Munich with high operational security: Thanks to the precautions and equipment, your company’s business capability is maintained even in the event of a disaster.

Dedicated Server Hosting
Outsource your hosting. Free-up valuable time. Make your life easier.
Highly performant dedicated servers
Secure data centres in Munich
Exclusively used and secure environment
High availability and failure safety
Reliability and scalability

Hosting in Data Center Munich

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Security Solutions
High security level thanks to strong security solutions like firewall, antivirus and patch management
Top infrastructure
Only high class infrastructure used on site. Servers are configured according to your requirements
Safety Measures
With 24/7 security and technical staff on site and uninterruptible power supply and air conditioning
Duplication of all components and precautions ensure the protection of your data at all times

Overview dedicated server hosting

We provide servers in a private and dedicated network for our customers, e.g. for
ERP systems, web applications, online shops and more. Dedicated servers are available to a single customer, using the hardware entirely for themselves.  As resources are not shared with other users, servers are very performant even at high workloads.
Systems are adapted to your specific needs, so they are suitable for all your business processes. Hosting services include provision of CPU, RAM (compute capacity) and hard disk (storage system) for your operating systems databases and more. We take care of the setup and necessary hardware and software required. Customers can decide upon individual composition depending on requirements: he selects the necessary components from our portfolio. All this also works in combination with the customer’s existing infrastructure. Our hosting services are particularly suitable for linear, constant capacity requirements. There is remote supervision and monitoring by Prestele IT experts.
Server Hosting

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