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Managed IT Services

We take care of your everyday IT business! As IT specialists we manage your entire IT infrastructure. Our Managed IT Services are tailored to the needs of complex IT environment. We offer hardware and software support services, as well as monitoring and operating your entire IT system.

Managed Services

Use Managed IT Services

With an increasingly complex IT environment, setting up and maintaining the IT infrastructure on-site is often a challenge for small and medium-sized companies. There is a lack of personnel and know-how and therefore outsourcing or supplementing the in-house IT department is certainly a cost advantage.

You want to become more efficient? Using our Managed IT Services you benefit from an all-inclusive package including monitoring and reporting, our pro-active personal and remote support and continuous maintenance of your IT infrastructure.

All delivered services will be individually agreed on and are based on Service Level Agreements.

What We Offer

We advise and support you competently in all IT-related issues. Based on the profound analysis of your business, we find solutions that best fit your needs and specific situation.
With our modern, high-tech products we create a secure and functioning IT landscape. Thanks to the latest technology in place you are always up to date.
Thanks to our proactive 24/7 customer service with fast response times, you get the right solution straight away. We provide you with transparent, and comprehensible solutions.

Our Managed Services

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Our range of services includes

Your complete company network is controlled remotely by our experts: Continuous maintenance and proactive security monitoring ensure a stable and secure network.
We take care care of all endpoints in your network: Your systems are always up-to-date and secure thanks to patch management, endpoint security and troubleshooting if necessary.
Security for all IT is fundamental to the continuous maintenance of business operations: Protect your business from security threats with our holistic IT Security Services!
We take care of your WLAN set up and management. Configuration of the access points as well as continuous monitoring guarantee high security and availability.
We offer hosting services in our data centre for your business applications and systems. We will provide you with your own dedicated servers with maximum performance!
Store or host your business data from various business applications in our own cloud environment. As the cloud is accessed via the network, your date is available anywhere and anytime!
Learn more about our reliable data management: backups, restoring and retentions management. We ensure regular backups of your data which can easily be restored if needed.
We develop strategies for business continuation in emergency and crisis situations. Ensuring the maintenance of your infrastructure, you minimise risks and damage for your organization.
Archiving business emails is mandatory. With us, archive your emails fully automatically and securely in compliance with the law. Also, lost data can be restored if needed.
Telecommunications is an important tool for every business. It enables companies to communicate effectively with customers as well as within the organisation.


Special solutions for special requirements - thanks to our broad industry expertise, we know the current and future challenges of your industry and create individually tailored solutions. No matter whether your company is established in the retail, mechanical engineering, service or healthcare sectors – we got the IT solutions to fit your needs! Learn more about our specific solutions for your business sector!


Our 24/7 remote monitoring identifies and resolves any issues immediately
Security Check
Regular security checks with Sophos Security Heartbeat prevent any problems
User Help Desk
We provide remote support for your users with fast error analysis and troubleshooting

Facing challenges?

IT distracting from core business
Businesses must focus on their core competencies to fulfil their customers needs. Regular time consuming tasks in IT departments will hinder them to do so. Since automation processes are missing in many places, too many manual steps are carried out.
Attract IT talents
Many businesses experience difficulty to attract and retain IT talents for the expertise they need. As IT is fundamental for any company, the lack of personnel and know-how in IT may be a major issue to ensure a running business.
Cost of downtime
Experiencing outage is an expensive affair since the risk of loss of revenue and reputation is very high. Detecting the root cause and resolving the problems takes time and make the downtime extremely costly.
Basic security
Most SMBs are not aware of common risks and the latest vulnerabilities. Often there is uncertainty on where to start and which solutions to put in place. Relying on basic security solutions don't offer sufficient protection.
Long time to market
New IT projects are resource-intense and require specific knowledge and experience. The internal lack of project management skills extends the implementation of projects considerably.

We got the solution!

Daily operational tasks
No more worries about possible distractions: We take care of repetitive operational tasks to deliver a constantly stable IT. Regular tasks such as patches or backups will be fulfilled reliably by our competent IT team while you work on what you are really good at.
Competent IT experts
By outsourcing your IT operations, you have access to valuable expert knowledge. Our well-trained team will take care of your needs and make sure your IT is running without any problems. They will consult, resolve and support personally or remotely.
Minimizing outages
With right management and planning, outages will be minimized significantly. Automated backups, regular patches and business continuity planning prevent from natural disasters, hardware failures, and security attacks.
High security standards & low risk
As Managed Services provider we offer a full range of security services at the highest standards. Various options such as firewalls, endpoint and server protection are available to guarantee IT security.
Efficient project management
Benefit from our best practices and matured project methodology. Based on our broad experience on completed projects we reduce project implementation times which gets you going quickly!





Managed IT service providers

With tailor-made IT solutions, we make your everyday work much easier. We always provide you with functional, updated, and professional IT. By constantly adapting to new technology and systems, you remain flexible and competitive. As a reliable IT partner, we take care of all IT issues while you focus on your core business.


Get access to deep and broad expert know-how


Only get what you really need and benefit from transparent price models.


Scale your required services up and down according to your needs.

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