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Managed Services for Server & Clients

We ensure a stable IT infrastructure at the workplace: we set up, manage, maintain and monitor your servers and clients remotely. Thanks to active management of your servers and clients malfunctions are avoided. We create individual solutions: From software introduction and configuration for users to the management of end devices and the configuration of operating systems. Constantly monitoring the interaction of server and clients, your employees are able to work continuously without any downtimes.

Endpoint Management

client management solution


Our end device management contains central administration and control of the decentralised IT infrastructure at your workplace. This means the administration of client hardware and software.

End devices are the most important work tools for your employees. These devices, such as notebooks and PCs must be maintained and always up to date to prevent hardware failures. With our services, we ensure the functionality of all workstations within your network. We take care of the setup, configuration and monitoring of client devices both stationary and mobile.

  • PC & laptop hardware
  • Devices such as printers
  • Operating systems


As central data stores, servers are highly relevant to your business: They are the central interface of your IT infrastructure. Therefor, continuous monitoring and regular updates are necessary. Our services include server installation up to server management: The installation, administration and maintenance of your servers is carried out by our specialists. Operating of your server systems means the monitoring of the interaction of server and clients. We continuously check the functionality and are automatically informed about possible malfunctions. This enables us to eliminate weak points and errors as quickly as possible!

Ensuring trouble-free operations: With the help of our server management, you prevent failures and malfunctions. No IT problems in your day-to-day business and productive work is guaranteed!

Unified device management and control

- Configuration and monitoring of clients
- Patch management maintained up to date
- Security for all devices thanks to endpoint protection
- Fast remote support for your users
server hosting
Monitoring, securing and maintaining your server infrastructure

- Monitoring system performance
- Patch management and endpoint protection
- Regular status reports on server infrastructure
- Proactive troubleshooting

Protecting your endpoints

Patch management
It is necessary to regularly identify and close security gaps, as outdated versions are often the cause of cyber attacks. Therefore we check all endpoints in the network. for such security gaps. They will be immediately closed by centrally distributing and installing patches and updates.
Endpoint Security
Security measures protect all end-user devices on the network from security threats. Preventing unauthorised access to devices or execution of malicious software is fundamental. The use of most advanced encryption technologies offers comprehensive protection from ransomware, malware and virus.

Endpoint protection with Sophos technology

Sophos Intercept X

Protecting business-crucial applications and data on your clients

Protection against unknown threats thanks to deep learning technology
Blocking malware attacks and stopping ransomware
Cause analysis delivers of detailed information about attacks
Interaction with firewall for comprehensive network protection

Sophos Intercept X for Server

Protecting business-crucial applications and data on your servers

Identification and response to cyberthreats
Protection of local or virtual servers against malware and ransomware
Automatic threat detection and response for servers
Use of artificial intelligence with deep learning

Comprehensive Security Solutions

Protect you business from any security threats! We offer comprehensive security solutions for both stationary and mobile workplaces: your employees will be optimally equipped for work on site and in the home office. Learn more about our advanced security services!

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