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Reaching the goal together – Team workshop Part 1/2

December 7, 2021 Administrator 0 Comment

Mission Making IT happen

At the end of November, the entire team from the Munich location met in our offices. In an interactive team workshop, we first dealt with the company’s vision and mission as well as the long-term corporate goals. In order to actively live mission and vision and to achieve set goals, shared corporate values ​​are important. The employees discussed core values in small groups and then presented the outcomes to their colleagues.

After a lunch menu, the participants were able to implement the previously discussed content in an exciting game. In small groups, puzzles had to be solved together in order to crack the secret code – and that in a maximum time of one hour. Teamwork, coordination, communication, and skill were required at this point. Conclusion: together you can reach your goal faster!

In the upcoming second workshop with the international team, the exercise units will be repeated in a similar way and the results will be merged. Therefor, the international employees from India, Poland and UAE will meet in our branch in Ras al Khaimah.

We are very excited to see the final outcomes!

What are company values?

Corporate values are values that are important to an organization and which it represents internally and externally. They shape the identity and ideally reflect the corporate culture. They provide the members of an organization with orientation and guidelines for their actions. These values, so-called core values, describe who the company is, what it stands for and what it does. If a company were a human being, then the corporate values would be its character traits.

These corporate values can be distinguished:

  • “Who values": character or spirit of the organization.
  • “What values" or “goal values": Purpose of the organization"How-Values" : Code of conduct with a description of the way in which the organization wants to achieve its goal; Norms principles and beliefs

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