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Video Conferencing & Online Meetings

Start important meetings with business partners or employees easily and regardless of location! Online meetings and video conferences have never been so simple: modern solutions make it easy to overcome distances. We provide you with everything you need for your online meetings – from hardware to software.

Organise and manage your company's online meetings

video conferencing

Nowadays, on-site meetings for personal exchange with employees as well as with customers or partners are no longer absolutely necessary. Because with modern solutions, distances can be easily overcome: Colleagues at different locations or in the home office can connect, exchange and collaborate in the fastest way possible.

Virtual meetings with excellent image and sound transmission enable perfect collaboration and are the best alternative to face-to-face meetings. For productive collaboration, not all employees need to be in the same place at the same time. Flexible, comfortable and sustainable collaboration for the modern workplace!

Component of the Modern Workplace

Online meetings and video conferences are an important part of the modern workplace. As regular team meetings in the office become increasingly redundant, online meeting solutions are the optimal alternative for personal, direct exchange. Online meetings and video conferences are suitable for all kinds of formats and sizes: One-to-one conversations, meetings with entire teams and groups, company-wide gatherings, sales presentations, conferences, training courses or webinars…

Suitable conference systems offer all participants the opportunity to actively participate, and not just take on the role of mere listeners. We put together suitable solutions for you that support you in this interactive, cross-location and external exchange. You work more sustainably and optimise time and costs. Create simple, spontaneous and informal meetings in just a few clicks and strengthen trusting cooperation:

Location independence
Hold meetings at any location
More effective working time available
Strengthen team spirit and social interaction
Cost saving
Save travel distances and high travel costs
Overall lower cost and time expenditure
Time saving
No travel and spontaneous meetings possible

Solutions for video conferencing and online meetings

Customised complete solutions

We advise you on complete solutions for modern meetings and video conferences with the necessary hardware and software. There is a huge range of different systems and possibilities. We have a wide range of solutions in use and can help you make the right choice.

We equip your meeting rooms with the appropriate audiovisual elements according to your needs: This makes meetings even more lively and interactive.

In order to present you with a coordinated individual concept, we first carry out an analysis of the requirements and needs in your company.

For this purpose, we analyse the conference rooms in detail: the environment, room size, layout and purpose. We then create a complete solution with all the necessary components, adapted to your exact needs.

How is work done?
What is needed?
Which functions must be fulfilled?
What are the requirements for the devices?

Individual solutions

Prestele IT individual meetings solutions

With professional equipment

These components can be put together or purchased individually, depending on your needs, or are also available as multi-part all-in-one solutions with all components already integrated.

As software for your meetings, use the user-friendly Microsoft Teams solution. This is because the selected hardware can then be easily connected to Microsoft Teams. In combination with the audio and video technology in your conference rooms, you can hold online conferences simply and easily.

We set up the selected conference system professionally and also offer training for the users. Create a flawless user experience and ease of use – for all participants at all times.

What do I need for a video conference?

Use of a simple screen or with touch function for interactive collaboration
Simple webcams up to models with fisheye effect or zoom function
Loudspeakers for best sound and smooth sound transmission
Microphone or speakerphone to capture all conversations in the room
An operator console is required to control the meeting
Easily hold online meetings and video conferences of any size with MS Teams

Choosing the right tool for video conferencing

Microsoft Teams allows easy planning, initiation and participation in meetings via PC, mobile devices, web or conference rooms. Meetings can be scheduled in advance with the integrated calendar function. Online meetings and video conferences are also possible spontaneously: a simple click is enough to start an audio or video meeting with individuals or a group, as desired.

The Microsoft Teams mobile app is available for Android and iOS. This allows you to hold meetings, collaborate or access files while on the move. It is also possible to hold audio conferences: People can dial into Microsoft Teams meetings with a phone instead of using the Microsoft Teams app on a mobile device or PC.

Online meetings with one click

Shared chatroom
Share content via screen sharing
Record meetings
Include guest participants
Cloud storage included

Complete conference room solutions

For meetings that go beyond two or three discussion partners via laptop and simple webcam, much more extensive equipment is required. Especially when holding video conferences with customers or partners, a prestigious conference environment with professional equipment is unavoidable.

High-quality video conferencing equipment ensures perfect transmission and optimally sets the scene for both the room as a representation of your company and the conference topics present. Therefore, set up your permanent, fixed meeting rooms with us so that you and your colleagues can hold professional digital conferences of any size at any time.

With us, you get complete packages with everything you need for your digital meetings. No matter how large or small your premises are – we put together suitable solution packages.

Microsoft Teams Rooms

Transform any room into a space for perfect collaboration! So everyone – no matter where they are – gets a seat at the conference table.

The Microsoft Teams Rooms system is a combination of the Microsoft Teams Client and matching hardware. Microsoft Teams Rooms provide one-click meeting participation capabilities for conference rooms. Through the use of a suitable console, in combination with audio, video devices and screens tailored to the room, Microsoft Teams Rooms can be used in rooms of any size. This system is particularly suitable when meetings are held with team members who are partly on-site and partly at other locations. It enables interactive participation, especially for remote participants.

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