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Modern Workplace

The digital transformation is changing forms of collaboration and creating new ways of working.
Digitally networked work is increasingly becoming the standard and should also find its way into your company. Let us advise you on your modern workplace! We create suitable concepts for modern workplaces in your company so that all employees can work together efficiently, regardless of time and location.

Components of the Modern Workplace

Mobiles Arbeiten
Remote Working
telefonie system
Communication & Telephony
Digitale Zusammenarbeit
Digital Collaboration
Video conferences & Online meetings

Modern Workplace

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with Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 365, including the collaboration tool Microsoft Teams with its versatile functions, is a fundamental building block for the modern, digital workplace. Chatting, telephoning, online meetings and collaboration in real time – the complete solution Microsoft 365 offers all these and many more functions. Use it for the greatest possible flexibility from the Microsoft Cloud.

With the universally applicable solution, you are always optimally networked: At home, in the office and on the road. At the heart of smooth collaboration is Microsoft Teams: the tool for teamwork without borders! Connect the members of your team via a single secure hub, transform collaboration and optimise your business processes. We take care of the complete implementation of the applications and also train your users.

modern workplace

What is the Modern Workplace?

The Modern Workplace

The Modern Workplace is an important part of the digital transformation in small and medium-sized enterprises. Creative, flexible and at the same time effective work – these are the requirements for a modern, digital workplace. The digital workplace is created with the background of offering employees a work-life balance and a flexible working environment. Employees want a certain amount of freedom in how they organise their work: for this, an open environment is important that gives them the opportunity to work anywhere and at any time, both alone and in a team. The digital workplace gives all employees secure access to all the applications and data they need – from any device and any location. Fundamental to this is working in the cloud.

All of this requires a holistic approach with the interaction of technologies, devices and the organisation. For smooth digital work, technical equipment on the one hand and suitable software on the other are necessary. The use of modern tools and software helps you to do more with less effort. You work more productively and communicate easily and quickly. IT security measures and data protection precautions ensure the necessary security in the modern workplace.

Why is the modern workplace important?

Why invest in digital workplaces? The end of the classic PC workstation with landline telephone: it’s time to get rid of outdated workplace concepts and switch to contemporary ways of working. Because the mobility of your employees is increasing: they are no longer just in the office, but in the home office, on site with customers and partners, or on the road in buses and trains. Work-life balance is also becoming increasingly important and employees want to decide for themselves when and where they do their work.

Location-independent digital workplaces in combination with video conferences, chat rooms, cloud telephony and central file storage create the necessary flexibility. Work processes are made faster and more efficient. This way you achieve much more with your existing resources!

Move all your work processes to the cloud and enable secure data access from any location. Information can be shared easily and quickly. This ensures immediate and cross-departmental exchange and creates shorter decision-making paths. By implementing unified solutions, you also avoid dangerous shadow IT.

All this makes you more attractive as an employer: attract new talent and retain your employees!

What are the benefits?

Flexibility and mobility
Work independent of time and place
Uncomplicated collaboration
Better workflow
Easy exchange
Attractive and motivating working environment
High employee satisfaction
Fast knowledge transfer
digital transformation

How to make your workplace a Modern Workplace

smart communication

Smart collaboration

A rethink is necessary! The form of digital working is currently experiencing an enormous upswing. Working outside the office is no longer a speciality. It is absolutely necessary to follow this trend and offer employees attractive, modern ways of working and thus create a motivating and productive working environment. After all, if you want to position yourself as an attractive employer these days, you should be able to offer existing and future employees modern workplace models. Especially for young professionals, flexible, mobile ways of working and modern solutions are very important.

But the modern workplace means much more than the use of a laptop. It is a holistic approach with the interaction of technologies, devices and the organisation. Create smart collaboration with us: global, flexible and cross-departmental.

  • Attractive, flexible working environment for high employee satisfaction
  • Collaboration tool Microsoft 365 for smooth digital collaboration
  • Time, location and device-independent work
  • Increased flexibility and productivity of employees

Modern Workplace and IT infrastructure

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What is part of the digital workplace?

Technical equipment
Software & Tools
Data protection & security

Prestele IT solutions for your digitalization process

Consulting and Modern Workplace concepts for SMEs

Digitisation in the workplace is imperative and should absolutely affect the entire company and not just individual departments. Thus, the introduction of the modern workplace is part of a holistic digitalisation strategy. It is the basis for efficient and flexible work in the company. Due to increased productivity and attractiveness, the modern digital workplace plays a key role in the company’s success – in large as well as in small and medium-sized enterprises.

No in-house IT department for the implementation of digitalisation processes? No problem! Get exclusive, personal IT consulting from us for future-proof workplaces in your company. With a holistic approach, we develop an individual modern workplace concept for your business.

Prestele IT solutions for your digitalization process

The digitalization process

In a first step, we analyze the need and your requirements for the Digital Workplace in your company within the framework of workshops.

Based on this, we design solutions that meet the requirements of every user in the most diverse positions. We accompany the entire process, including the introduction of tools and applications, testing and training for proper use. We also take care of issues such as data protection and compliance. We also advise you on suitable funding opportunities.

What is the current working method?
What are the workplace requirements?
How can suitable equipment support the daily work?
What are the expectations and needs of the employees?
Which devices and applications are required for the individual users?

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