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Cloud Services

Get your business data and applications delivered on demand over the internet. Our cloud services provide easy, affordable access to applications and resources, without the need for internal infrastructure or hardware. Whether it’s email, telephone system, ERP system, collaboration on documents – all you need for your workday.

Top features and benefits

If you want to move your entire business, or just data and email, we could provide the most effective cloud solution to suit the way you work perfectly.

Highly felxible solutions thanks to easy scalability
Only pay for the storage & services you need
Backup solutions protect your data
Low investment costs
Full security measures
Cloud services

Cloud Services by Prestele IT

Cloud Services for your company

We offer storage or hosting of your business data in our own cloud environment for various business applications. No need for physical servers on site, as cloud works independent of hardware. You benefit from global availability of your data – it can be accesed from anywhere.

Design your virtual infrastructure exactly as your company needs it: choose what you really need and use. This way, you reduce your operating costs and make your infrastructure more efficient. Plus, you can scale infrastructure any time according to your needs. This allows you to react quickly to changing business conditions.

Cloud Security

Relocation of IT infrastructure to a virtual environment is becoming more and more popular. Security must not be neglected. There are same security requirements for cloud as for physical infrastructure. Minimise risks and protect sensitive data, avoid security gaps and user errors. It needs access controls and defence against attacks. 

We know the security requirements of the cloud and have the appropriate innovative concepts and solutions for them. With our security measures, you are protected against risks such as data loss, failure or unauthorised access to your data when using cloud services. We also advise on data protection regulations.

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IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service)
Professional Cloud Computing

IT infrastructure is based on virtualised hardware resources such as computing power, storage space or application software. Meaning that server capacities (CPU and RAM), storage capacities and network capacities are in the cloud. The virtual IT infrastructure will be adapted to the requirements and needs of the customer. Thanks to this approach, no resource-intensive local installations are necessary.
cloud system
SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)
Dynamic on-demand delivery of your applications

Software-as-a-Service is a method of providing software applications via the internet. Applications such as Microsoft 365 for e-mail, calendar and other office tools, CRM systems, telephone systems or other will be accessed via the cloud. You will have access to your applications from any device and location. In that way, you significantly reduce acquisition and operating costs.

Your benefits

Access to data and applications on the go at any time from anywhere, as cloud servers are accessed via the internet.
Easy scalability of capacities: providing the right amount of IT resources exactly when it is needed.
Cloud usage offers fail-safety on a high level as there is no binding to fixed, physical hardware.
Cloud is the cost-effective alternative to on-premises: no investment costs for hardware and software or the operation of data centres.
Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and strict guidelines, security of the cloud environments is guaranteed.
High availabality and accessability as large amounts of computing resources can be provisioned extremely quickly.
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