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Managed Services WLAN

An internal WLAN for employees and guests is now part of the standard infrastructure in every business. To relieve your internal network adiministration team, we offer you Managed WLAN solutions. We take care of the set up and operation of your business wireless network, including constant security monitoring.

Wireless Network for SMEs

A company has specific requirements on the WLAN environment. Public and private areas must be separated and the security of company data must be guaranteed. Infrastructure must to be fast, safe and very reliable to keep daily business going. Monitoring and maintenance ensures the availability.

Our experts take care of all these aspects! They plan the WLAN environment based on your requirements and given conditions. To ensure optimal network coverage, our specialists determine where and how many access points are needed. They will then configure the acces points according to rights and areas. All our Managed WLAN solutions come with plannable costs. We take care of everything!

Wireless Network for SMEs

Managed WLAN Services Overview

Key features

Administration of WLAN infrastructure
Configuration, administration and monitoring of WLAN Access Points
Hardware installation
Security monitoring and reporting

Essential aspects of our Managed Services for WLAN are security and high availabilty for your business environment. Therefor, we configure, administer and monitor routers and access points in your network. Expanding the WLAN network is easily done: new access points are connected to the existing network with the configurations needed. We perform all necessary security patches and constantly monitor traffic. In case of any problems, our support team is always there to help.

What is WLAN?

A Wireless LAN (WLAN) connects two or more devices via wireless communication within a defined area. Users can move around in this area and remain connected to the network. Devices are linked with a wireless router which provides the access to the internet.

WLAN connection

Your benefits

Secure and scalable WLAN solution
High availability due to monitoring and professional maintenance
Quick and professional support

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