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IT Workshops

Analyzing working methods and requirements by means of workshops to drive suitable, individual concepts for more efficient and digital work base. We consult and propose solutions, and together later implement them. 

Why workshops?

Implementing new products or processes
Building new strategies
Work through deliverables
Agree on project timelines and way forward

IT Workshops: Delivered Onsite or Online

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You can bring your team together in one location
Most of your team works out of an office
A larger group needs to be involved


Not everyone to travel to one location
Most of your team works from home
Only a few stakeholders need to be involved
What Type of Workshops Do We Offer?
Whether you’re looking to accelerate project timelines, implement or improve a core IT process, increase the skillset of your team, or get third-party validation on a key project, Prestele IT offers four different types of workshop experiences – each geared to helping you achieve a specific goal.
Strategic Workshops
Strategic workshops help you build consensus on how IT will support business capabilities in the future.
Training Workshops
Training workshops help you train your team on specific skillsets providing them with the "how to" not just the "what to."
Process Workshops
Process workshops help you design and map out a draft version of a broken, incomplete, or non-existent process.
Technology Workshops
Technology workshops help you build a strategy for a specific technology or software solution your organization is looking to leverage.

Workshops For Modern Workplaces

Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Teams

IT workshop

Your IT problems solved

Each of our customers is different and has individual requirements. Therefore we start with an on-site workshop to gather, discuss and understand your requirements, goals and pain points. Together with you, we develop a tailor-made solution, which we then implement in an iterative approach with fast feedback cycles.

With our Modern Workplace solutions, we support hybrid working environments: Both stationary and mobile in interaction enable efficient and digital collaboration in companies.

What We Offer In The Modern Workplace Workshop

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  • How is communication carried out internally and externally?
  • Which communication channels are currently used?
  • Inventory: telephone system, mobile communications, unified communication,cost structure of current solutions
  • How does collaboration take place in teams or across departments?
  • Which services are worked on together?
  • What applications/resources do users work with?
  • From which locations do users work?
  • Is there a unified enterprise-wide collaboration solution yet?
  • What are the current equipment?
  • Is the equipment up to date?
  • What exactly needed in different positions?
  • What are the hardware requirements? In which situations will it be used?
Data Security/Data loss prevention
  • What is the need for data and content protection?
  • Which data/content should be protected?
  • What measures can be taken to secure data?


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