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Mobile Warehouse Management Solution With
Barcode Scanner For SAP Business One

Introducing the next evolution of highly successful keypad/touch mobile computers – barcode scanners, packed with new features to tackle the ever increasing requirements of today’s on-demand, e-commerce driven economy. 

The Barcode Scanner Combined With Prestele IT Logistics Suite Is An All-In-One Warehouse Management Solution For SAP Business One Users.

A Physical Handheld Barcode Scanning Device – Barcode Scanner, Doubles Up As A Mobile Handheld Computer Ideal For The Modern Warehouse. Offering Multiple Barcode Capture With One Press Of The Scan Trigger, Processing Incoming And Outgoing Goods From Purchase And Sales, Inventory Control & Stock Check, Warehouse And Logistics Process Automation, With Real-Time Connection With SAP Business One.

The Barcode Scanner Overview

Mobile Computer Device Options:

Our barcode scanner solution can be purchased with a physical mobile handheld device – with built in Interactive Sensory Technology (IST) motion sensors for Enhanced 1D/2D scanning/data capture for short, mid, or long range workflows, as well as direct part marking scan capabilities.

Alternatively, you purchase the software solution and install the software solution onto any of the supported devices listed below: 

Supporting Devices: 

  • Zebra 
  • Honeywell
  • Android Mobile Device

Technical Specifications

Device Features:

A Typical Standard Mobile Computer Device: 

  • Display: 4 in" (800×480), LED backlight and color display.
  • Touch Panel – glass touch panel with airgap; supports dual input mode with finger, gloved finger and stylus.
  • Expansion Slot: User accessibility MicroSD with 32GB SDHC and up to 512GB SDXC.
  • Network Connections: USB 2.0 High Speed OTG (Guest & Client) WLAN (Wifi), WPAN (Bluetooth)
  • Voice: PPT Express and Workforce Connect PPT Pro (Internal speaker, microphone and Bluetooth wireless headset support)
  • Audio: Built in speaker & microphone
  • Operating System:  Android 
  • Memory: 4GB RAM/32 GB Flash Memory
  • Interactive Sensor Technology (IST) motion sensors
  • Data Capture: Straight shooter, rotating head 1D Laser, Gun/Pistol 2D, 45° scan 2D.
  • Rear Camera: 13 MP color camera with LED Flash

In Today’s Busy Work Environment, With Smaller Customers Orders, Higher Volume Of Sales, Shrinking Delivery Timeframes, You Need Ways To Improve Your Inventory Accuracy And Order Cycle Time. The Mobile Computer Barcode Scanning Devices – Barcode Scanners, Are Purpose-Built To Help With Those Objectives By Maximizing Worker Productivity And Managing Your Warehouse Digitally.

Barcode Scanner - Future - Oriented Warehouse Management System

Barcode Scanner Brochure
All-in-one software solution
Fully automated & transaction-based processes
Central management and control in SAP Business One
Precise communication of warehouse and logistics
Real-time connection & updates
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Warehouse Management system

Powerful Barcode Scanning Features Boost Warehouse Management & Productivity

With the Barcode Scanner Solution you’ll reduce picking errors, optimize stock and inventory of incoming and outgoing items. Maximize the use of your warehouse space, whilst improving worker productivity, and warehouse safety compliance.

Multiple Barcode Scanning 2
Multiple Barcode Capture
Real-Time Connection With SAP Business One
Real-Time Connection with SAP Business One
Inventory Control & Stock Check 1
Inventory Control & Stock Check
Processing Incoming & Outgoing Goods 1
Processing Incoming & Outgoing Goods

Wireless Barcode Scanner - Functional Overview

01.Recording Goods Receipts
Recording Goods Receipts
Capture and book incoming goods in the warehouse with the mobile barcode scanner. Based on an existing purchase order from SAP Business One, scan the incoming goods and the storage location in order to create a Goods Receipt PO document which is sent to SAP Business One.
02.Recording Sales Returns
Recording Sales Returns
Easily process all returns of goods from sales. Scan returned products and destination storage location, create Sales Return documents and finally send data to SAP Business One.
03.Stock Counting-Inventory counting
Stock & Inventory Counting
This module supports the stock counting module in SAP Business One. Enter product quantities by scanning products on a specific BIN location and update the stock information by sending data to SAP Business One.
04.Storage location information
Storage location information
Get information on which item is available at a selected storage location: This module gives detailed stock overview of all BIN locations and allows to check content in the entire warehouse.
05.Initiating Label & Document Printing
Initiating Label & Document Printing
Various documents and labels can be sent directly from the barcode scanner device to a printer (in the warehouse). Trigger the printing of shipping and delivery labels with just one click.
Process open pick lists based on Sales Orders from SAP Business One. Start the digital picking process with just one click - no more need for paper pick lists. Scanning indicated product after product, report the completed pick list to SAP Business One and create delivery notes directly from the scanner.
07.Recording Purchase Returns
Recording Purchase Returns
The barcode Scanner processes goods which are supposed to be returned to the supplier. Scan location and item barcode before creating the according Goods Return document.
08.Product & Item Check
Product & Item Check
This module provides detailed information about a specific item. Scan an Scan an item's barcode to retrieve the Product name, code, picture, total stock available as well as a list of BIN locations with stock.
09.Stock Transfers & Relocation
Stock Transfers & Relocation
Book items from one storage location to another. Keep the system up to date by creating a Stock transfer document which is synchronized with SAP Business One.
10.Data exchange with SAP Business One
Data exchange with SAP Business One
Keep your system updated: Constant synchronization with SAP Business One enables full transparency and real-time insights. Track changes in stock levels in real-time and follow up with stakeholders.

Automate and Digitalize Your Logistics & Supply Chain With Barcode Scanner

Start your barcode scanning today with our fast automated barcode scanner and warehouse management solution for SAP Business One ERP software.

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