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Network Management: Managed Services Network & Firewall

Take advantage of our Managed Network Services! We manage the operation of your network and ensure a secure and high-performance network in your company. We continuously monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure and keep it in perfect condition. Create a powerful and high-performance network with Prestele’s services!

What does network management mean?

Make use of our Managed Network Services! We supervise the operation of your network and ensure a secure and high-performance network in your company. We continuously monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure and keep it in perfect condition. Create a powerful, high-performance network with Prestele’s services!

Networking or computer networking means processes of making, using, and maintaining computer networks, which includes hardware, software, and protocols. So that multiple computing devices can share data. Modern network management systems use software and hardware to continuously store and analyze data and push out configuration changes for improving performance, reliability, and security.

network management

The network management system consists of devices such as switches, routers, access points, and wireless controllers. A centralized space called a server will fetch and store data. The server can be located on-premises, in a private data center, or in the cloud.

With Prestele’s your complete company network including all components such as work equipment, firewalls, and servers are remotely monitored, secured, and controlled by Prestele. That means you have the best and efficient operation of your entire company network. We provide you continuous monitoring/control of the entire network infrastructure with all components like:

WLAN access points
Switches (distributors)
Cables (patch)

How Presteles Manage Network Services

Managed Network from Prestele at a glance

Monitoring and maintenance of your infrastructure
Real-time security analysis with Security Heartbeat
Proactive management in case of intrusion
Optimal availability and security of all network components and continuous monitoring

Prestele's Managed Network Services include

Error analysis: detection and elimination of occurring errors
Configuration: changes and extensions of the network
Proactive security monitoring: coordinated defense against attacks with Sophos Security Heartbeat
Security management: authentication of users and network access
Documentation and logging of network traffic

Optimize your IT infrastructure with our Technology!

Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)
With SD-WAN (software defined network) you create a reliable, secure, and flexible WAN via the Internet. A contemporary way to optimize your network connectivity.
Software-Defined Networking(SDN)
Software-defined networking (SDN): This is about decoupling hardware and software. This program and software-driven approach increases the flexibility and security of your network.
Network Function Virtualization
Network Functions Virtualization: Your network functions are provided software-based on a standardized hardware. Together with Software-defined Networking (SDN) you significantly increase the flexibility, scalability, and security of your network.
All components of your system must be continuously serviced, maintained, and checked for their functionality. That’s why you use Prestele’s Managed IT Service!
With our Managed Network Services, you benefit from a central management system. You can rely completely on our IT experts!

Your Network With Prestele's Services


Strong with Prestele


Always resilient & reliable


Highest security with Prestele


Always at a 100%


Need for changes? No problem!


Your reliable partner always at your side


No failures thanks to continuous maintenance

Full cyber security solutions with Sophos

The coordinated collaboration of the varied Sophos products ensures the simplest possible security for your network. The components of this cyber security system exchange their information with a security heartbeat in real-time. So the whole system reacts automatically to threats. The whole system is controlled centrally and integrated into a cloud-based platform. That’s provided you network-wide transparency and significantly reduces the risks of cyber attack!  The Sophos portfolio includes endpoint, network, mobile, wireless, E-Mail , and encryption.

Management of WLAN access points with the integrated IT security solution from Sophos (Sophos APX Access Points) provides a secure network. That will continuously monitor the access points. It will also monitor the hardware and performance of the access points and control the software and security pattern updates.

Sophos will do system updates & application of patches, Proactive network maintenance, Troubleshooting of network & routing and WLAN problems, Real-time security monitoring and proactive monitoring, and rapid response to alerts.

managed services network

Managed services for firewall from Prestele

A firewall is a network security device that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and determines whether certain data traffic is allowed or blocked. Monitors network access and thus protects the network from unauthorized access. The firewall system will works like detect, defend and protect. The working procedure is,

Detect risks:
Simplified network control through high transparency
Defeat Threats
Defeat unknown threats with powerful protection technologies
Isolate Infected Systems
By automatically responding to threats, infected systems on the network are immediately detected and isolated. This helps to contain threats and prevent them from spreading
firewall security
sophos managed services
Managed services for Sophos XG Firewall from Prestele
Monitoring of the Sophos XG.Firewall as well as its services and functions with error detection and automated restart of the services.
Software monitoring and control as well as security pattern updates
System updates & application of patches.
Remote access to the systems via Sophos Central Cloud Firewall Manager
Troubleshooting of network & routing and VPN problems or all services of the Sophos XG Firewall
Comprehensive support

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