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Managed Backup & Archiving

Most company processes are data-based nowadays. A reliable protection of your data and a secure backup solution is necessary to ensure security and integrity of data and systems. Your data and systems must be protected from threats such as deletion, damage or attacks. We provide data backup and archiving on a reliable, automated and regular basis. In case of data loss or failure you can rely on this backups and restore the data.


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Fully managed data backup and recovery by Prestele IT

Data Backup
Backup copy that protects against data loss due to damage or errors

- Data retention with Veeam for up to 12 months
- Consistency of data
- Geo-redundant data storage and outsourcing to Prestele data centres
- Automatic troubleshooting
- Continuous monitoring
Data Archiving
Long-term storage on separate data carriers for documentation

- Archiving of backup data from managed backup after 12 months on tape
- Data retention on tape for up to 10 years
- Tape storage secured by Prestele
- Data can be restored at any time on request
- Retention in compliance with legal requirements
Data Recovery
Previous backups enable restoration of data in the event of data loss

- Easy recovery of entire systems or individual files, anytime and anywhere from Prestele's cloud
- Regular recovery tests
- Systems quickly up and running again
- Service based on based on regular, reliable backups

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Eliminate any vulnerability to disasters and maintain business operation in case of emergency. Our further services on data security include disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Based on you specific situation, we develop measures and strategies for business continuation in emergency situations. We also take care of dedicated plans and solutions ensuring the maintenance of infrastructure and recovery of data.

Why is backup & archiving necessary?

managed backup & archiving

Data is of great importance for your company. It is the backbone of the company and must always be protected against attacks. Reduce data loss and reliably secure data with our veeam data management solutions. Be prepared for unforeseeable failures incidents: If the data is reliably backed up, everything is half as bad.

  • Secure business-critical data sustainably
  • Minimize data loss
  • Observe legal regulations

Backing up business-critical data enables reliable recovery of data in case of emergency. Data security is relevant for the entire company: for the company itself, but also for customers and suppliers. Data loss can have a massive impact on turnover, reputation and customer confidence. Therefore, it is essential to prevent data loss through backups. On the backup process, it’s important to follow the 3-2-1 rule: three copies of data on at least two different media, with at least one stored externally.

Managed Backup & Archiving by Prestele IT

Modern data backups

All data you work with every day must be backed up. As part of our Managed IT Services, we take care of the complete data backup for you. We regularly check the backups and act immediately in the event of a problem. In an emergency, data can be restored as quickly as possible. Backups are automated and monitored by Prestele IT staff. All backups and restores are managed remotely. Our secure and geo-redundant data storage meets high security standards. Get modern data protection for a stable business with us. This ensures the permanence of the data.

Backup for Microsoft 365

The Microsoft 365 package does not include data backups. That’s why you need a dedicated solution taking care of comprehensive data backups for Microsoft 365 – that’s what we will do! We ensure constant availability and protection of your data from Microsoft 365. It reduces the risk of losing access and control over your Office 365 data including Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive or Microsoft Teams. Our solution includes export options, fast content search and restore options. Subsequent archiving of the data is possible.

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