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How Prestele-it helps you in logstics software integration procedure

Why Companies Need Logistics Software

November 19, 2021 Administrator 0 Comment

Why Companies Need Logistics Software

Ever larger freight volumes and shorter delivery times – are the current developments in the logistics industry. These lead to a change from purely analogue, paper-based logistics to digital, technology-supported logistics. Digital technologies are changing the processes in merchandise management, much more can be achieved in less time – efficiency is the keyword here. In this article, we explain why companies should use logistics software and what advantages it offers.

High freight and endless supply chains

Almost 5 billion tonnes of cargo moved through German transport routes in 2019: In inland waterways, maritime, air, rail and road transport. As freight volumes increase, sales in the logistics sector are also increasing. For example, the German logistics company Deutsche Post DHL alone generated record sales of €66.8 billion in 2020.

Workflow of logistics department

Digital solutions help to efficiently control the flow of materials and the associated processes. They are primarily responsible for ensuring a transparent supply chain. Because as you can see here, goods go through a long supply chain until they end up with the (end) customer. There is a huge number of documents and papers involved: Cargo papers, delivery notes, labels… The use of logistics software helps to digitize these documents and thus make the information and content available to the entire company and subsequent processes.

Why use a logistics software?


… are the essential keywords here. Anyone who operates an online store, for example, cannot do without a professional merchandise management system. The pressure is on: goods have to be delivered to the right place, at the right time and in the right quantity, with (end) customers expecting ever shorter delivery times. To manage all this, companies can hardly avoid a digital solution for their logistics.

What is needed is a uniform, central program that maps all distribution channels and additionally enables connection to an online store system. Inventory reconciliation in real-time is required to fulfil incoming orders. The current inventories are thereby matched with the required ones. Materials management is also the basis for invoicing.

However, not only do large retail companies use inventory management or logistics software, but it is also increasingly used in small and medium-sized enterprises. This is because such a program is an indispensable tool for keeping track of all goods movements – regardless of whether the company is large or small.

A logistics program saves many manual, separate work steps since many routine tasks can be automated. It provides a consistent overview of all processes and makes important data and information available in real-time. This helps to achieve transparent, efficient and optimized processes and overall low susceptibility to errors. Time is still one of the most valuable commodities and thus time savings are also cited as the greatest advantage when using logistics software.

Advantages of using digital logistics software

Advantages of using digital logistics software

Managing Goods with SAP Business One

The inventory management is part of the SAP Business One ERP software. It implements the best possible management of all goods flows in the company. SAP Business One optimizes all processes related to purchasing, sales, warehousing, and logistics. The ERP system contains the precise coordination with customers and suppliers and at the same time covers all other corporate functions relating to finances and personnel. It also offers numerous interfaces to third-party systems.

With SAP B1, everyday processes are automated and accelerate business processes. A customized version of the ERP system can be set up, depending on the requirements of the organization.

What can SAP Business One do?

Management of master data
Management of serial numbers
Recording of incoming and outgoing goods
Recording of returns
Invoice processing
Price List Management
Picking and packing
Forecasts for material requirements planning
Inventory management workflow in SAP Business One

Inventory management workflow in SAP Business One

The advantages of using SAP B1 as a logistics and inventory control system

  • Central data collection in ONE system: All data is entered and merged in a single system. This enables shortened workflows for all employees and stakeholders

  • High transparency and real-time data: This allows opportunity and risk to be identified quickly and targeted measures to be taken.

  • Automation will save time: Reducing manual work steps saves significant time and improves performance

  • Uniformity and standardization: Repeating standard tasks can be easily handled. For example, you can complete quotation and order creation with just a few mouse clicks.

  • Statistics and analysis: Current statics and evaluation at all levels provide an overview of which items are frequently sold and which are less well sold. This facilitates efficient assortment optimization.

  • Simplified Inventory: The inventory and evaluation of existing goods are easy and allow full transparency over all stock

With SAP Business One, company processes are all traceable and controllable. This means an enormous cost and competitive advantage and makes an important contribution to the company’s success.

Logistics & inventory management with the Prestele IT Logsitic Suite

With Prestele Logistic Suite, SAP Business One is even more powerful. The Logistic Suite extension with the mobile Barcode Scanner for SAP Business One accelerates warehouse and logistics operations. It supports all operations related to the receipt and exit of goods, to the return recording, picking, and inventory. The Barcode Scanner provides accurate data on the inventory and storage locations and communicates directly in real-time with SAP Business One.

With ever more precise and automated processes, you can work faster and more efficiently! Find out more about the digital warehouse and logistics management of Prestele!

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