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Online business with SAP Business One: Prestele’s eCommerce Suite

Online business with SAP Business One: Prestele’s eCommerce Suite

The digital transformation is particularly perceivable in the retail industry: innovative digital solutions are revolutionising the flourishing online business and at the same time changing the underlying conditions in stationary retail. Considering the resulting change in consumer behaviour, a well-functioning and absolutely reliable online shop is essential for many companies these days.

Prestele has developed the right solution for the efficient management of an online shop, including all necessary components: The Prestele eCommerce Suite, with its smooth interface between SAP Business One and the online shop, ensures clear and holistic control in real time and a centrally linked management of the entire online business.

The current state of e-commerce

E-commerce is more acute than ever in the wake of the Corona pandemic. Especially during the lockdown, online trade has proven to be an important complementary supply infrastructure for numerous goods. It has also become clear that not everyone benefits equally: the big winners above all are established online marketplaces such as the exemplary amazon. Although stationary retailers have also started online trading for the first time, they are often still inadequately positioned in this aspect.

Even before the Corona era, e-commerce business was booming, and further growth is forecast for the future. Internet use within the population is rising steadily in all age groups. It is therefore not surprising that consumers are increasingly using the wide range of different online shops, which are available anywhere and anytime. Online shopping and comparing prices to stationary retail is now part of everyday life for many people and retailers generate a large share of their sales through online business.

The e-commerce business is thus continuing to experience an exponential upward trend. Thanks to technological advances, online retailers can now make use of a wide range of shop design options to offer their customers exceptional added value. Topics such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality, mobile, social and voice commerce, and big data have a great impact on the e-commerce market.

The customer service experiences completely new dimensions: Virtual sales assistants or chat bots, which are constantly available with the help of artificial intelligence, create a sophisticated shopping experience for the consumer. Augmented and virtual reality allow new ways of product presentation. In addition, social media are suitable as an ideal sales platform due to the wide range of presentation options – social commerce is currently absolutely on trend. Mobile commerce is also a very important component of online business, as purchases are increasingly being made from mobile devices.

Successful online trade is still data-driven: it is no longer imaginable without personalisation. An individual, lasting shopping experience requires extensive analyses of consumer behaviour in order to provide customers with personal recommendations and product suggestions.

Challenges in e-commerce

It is a real challenge to follow all these trends in order to create a unique customer experience. In addition, online providers face other challenges: they have to deal with issues relevant to their customers, such as sustainability, climate protection, and data security, and incorporate these aspects into their business. The confidentiality of customer information must be ensured throughout – which is no easy task, especially due to the use of big data. Risks such as cybercrime and online fraud should not be underestimated either.

Additionally, an increasingly complex customer journey requires a coordinated marketing mix and systematic communication across all channels. Digital know-how is required for this demanding omnichannel management. Often there is a lack of qualified specialists.

Overall, operators of online shops face the great challenge of coordinating the interaction of all stakeholders: Process and supply chains have to be ensured, speedy shipping processes have to be guaranteed, and payment providers have to be managed. In addition to all this, there is a large number of returns, which on the one hand is very damaging to the environment and on the other hand, requires a high amount of work.

In managing all these requirements and tasks, the solution provided by SAP Silver Partner Prestele comes into play: the Prestele eCommerce Suite.

The solution: Prestele’s eCommerce Suite – simple, clear, smart.

The Prestele eCommerce Suite is the custom-fit extension for SAP Business One, with which online shops can be easily managed from one single system.

Often, the introduction of digital commerce is especially difficult for small and stationary retailers. The eCommerce Suite offers the necessary support at this point: just like the ERP system SAP Business One itself, it is perfectly suited for small and medium-sized companies.

With Prestele’s interface for SAP Business One, all process flows related to the online shop are centrally controlled via one single platform. The eCommerce Suite processes the orders in the online shop quickly, including the order receipt, the payment system, and shipping. This add-on for SAP Business One contains several modules which can be individually adapted to customer requirements.

Using the eCommerce Suite, SAP Business One can be connected to the shop systems Shopware, Shopify, and Magento. In addition, the online shop can easily be connected to the amazon online marketplace. This shop connection enables order to import and stock reconciliation in real-time and the automated creation of customer data in SAP Business One. Additional targeted and individual customer approach ensures a coordinated user experience. The payment interfaces heidelpay and amazon pay take over the invoicing and automatic clearing of payments. All this eliminates many manual work steps and saves valuable time.

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Integrated processes with Prestele’s eCommerce Suite

Also, Prestele has developed the Logistic Suite for all tasks related to dispatch processes and warehousing: Prestele’s mobile barcode scanner enables fully digital goods registration and picking in the warehouse. The connection to the desired shipping service provider for all shipping and returns processes is provided by the integration of the shipping software Sendcloud.

In combination, all processes are digitally and automatically mapped in SAP Business One:

Order and order management
Payment management
Customer communication
Shipping and returns processes

All data can be retrieved from anywhere and in real-time, providing a constant overall view of all processes.

The Prestele eCommerce Suite in action at the outstanding shoe manufacturer legero united

Prestele has been the IT and development partner of legero united for many years. The Austrian shoe manufacturer legero united with its brands superfit, legero and Think! uses both the Prestele eCommerce and the Logistic Suite for the handling of its online shop and all related processes. With this complete package legero united manages its own online shop and all processes in the warehouse using SAP Business One. The integrated management makes daily work at legero united much easier! Thanks to the integrated cross-channel system, customers are as well excited about their shopping experience!

The wonderful cooperation between Prestele and legero united goes far beyond the initial successful implementation of the SAP Business One Add-Ons: The applications are constantly being developed and adapted to fit the upcoming needs and wishes. Both partners look back with pride on what they have achieved and developed together so far!

About Prestele IT

Prestele – we make it happen stands for innovation, digitalisation, development, and top service. The Munich-based company was founded in 2009 by Philipp Prestele and currently has 25 employees.

Prestele is a reliable managed IT service provider and developing SAP Business One partner. Its core competencies include tailor-made industry solutions, powerful integration solutions for SAP Business Onemanaged IT services and an own cloud platform. With its own SAP Business One developers, integrations are constantly developed further and individually adapted to customer business needs.

Personality and individuality are very important factors: Personal customer contact and tailor-made services according to customer needs are the core of Prestele’s daily business. Prestele supports its customers and partners in the digital business of the future!

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