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In-house IT departments face the great challenge of managing their processes as efficiently as possible. We support you with our services: As an experienced MSP, we take over many time-consuming work steps for you - saving you valuable resources!

Efficient IT management continues to be a major challenge for in-house IT departments: In addition to the already advancing digital transformation, the establishment of mobile workplaces was added – especially during the pandemic – and had to be accomplished as quickly as possible. As a result, more and more devices have to be managed and maintained to keep them secure and up to date. Users also have high expectations of smoothly functioning equipment and high demands on the availability of their mobile workplace environment. Added to this are cyber threats and increasing complexity in IT.

IT departments in many companies are thus confronted with a growing number of time-consuming tasks and a simultaneous shortage of qualified IT specialists. How can this go well?

How efficient is your IT department?

Maintenance of PCs, notebooks and operating systems, software distribution, user support and patch management – these are all activities that corporate IT staff usually have to perform. With manual administration and an ever-increasing number of devices, this means a lot of work with high resource consumption.

A study conducted by Ninja RMM shows how much time it ultimately takes on average to set up new devices, patch them or distribute software. The result: a shocking amount of time!

Source: “Die digitale Zukunft im Blick: IT-Effizienz im Jahr 2021“, Ninja RMM

Also, three hours are spent on setting up new devices , and even up to five hours per month on average for software distribution. The reason: many manual work steps and growing complexity, which could, however, be simplified with automations.

The example of patch management also shows how dangerous manual processes can be under certain circumstances. When manually applying patches for a large number of devices, it becomes difficult to keep track. Patches can easily be overlooked and lead to critical security vulnerabilities. According to a study by the Ponemon Institute, 57% of successful cyberattacks are due to known vulnerabilities that have not been patched.

All this is much faster and safer! Such constantly recurring steps, which take up vast amounts of time, can be carried out far more quickly and efficiently by external service providers – for example, by us!

Make it easy and convenient

With Prestele’s Managed IT Services

Particularly routine, time-consuming tasks can be sensibly outsourced and are automated by us. The present study shows that currently many companies do not (yet) use such external services:

“Only 24% of executives say their MSP handles patch management for their company, 28% have their MSP manage endpoint protection and 41% delegate support for their servers to their MSP.”

Source: Ninja RMM

These tasks are part of our core competencies! Hand these tasks over to us – we will do them much faster and more efficiently than you could do it yourself. With us, you have access to experienced IT specialists. You avoid tedious and manual processes and can use internal resources elsewhere in a meaningful way.

How do we proceed?

Client and Server Management is part of our managed services. We perform secure remote management and maintenance of your endpoints. We also take care of monitoring, securing and maintaining your servers. With policy settings, extensive automation and proactive notifications, we act quickly and effectively.

Our services include recurring tasks such as patch management for servers and clients. These continuous security updates are necessary to close security gaps and fix program errors. We keep track of all necessary updates and apply them regularly. This way, your devices are provided with updates as quickly as possible and your systems are always secure and up to date.

Make it easy and comfortable for yourself – with our managed services for efficient and smooth processes. Would you like to learn more about our services? Contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!


Prestele – we make it happen stands for innovation, digitalisation, development and top service. We are your Managed IT Service Provider and SAP Business One Partner in Munich! With our industry solutions and specially developed SAP Business One add-ons, you get flexible and customised IT solutions for your needs!

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More efficiency for your IT

In-house IT departments face the great challenge of managing their processes as efficiently as possible. We support you with our services: As an experienced MSP, we take over many time-consuming work steps for you – saving you valuable resources!

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