Prestele IT uses leading Sophos Endpoint Protection

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Sophos is our partner when it comes to IT security solutions. Now Sophos Intercept X has once again been named a leading endpoint protection platform by experts. An occasion to take a look at the sophisticated technology!
Sophos Endpoint Protection schützt vor Malware, Virus und Ransomware

Gartner Magic Quadrant Report 2021

About Gartner

Gartner is a leading research and consulting company headquartered in the USA. The analyses and market research results offer trend-setting insights into current developments in IT and technology.

Typically, Magic Quadrants are used to visualise the research results. This research methodology provides a graphical competitive positioning of four types of technology providers in the market: Leaders, Visionaries, Niche Players and Challengers.

Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms

In the latest Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) report, Sophos Endpoint Protection was ranked as a Leader for the twelfth consecutive year.

The Magic Quadrant evaluates the innovations that enable companies to protect their endpoints from attacks and security breaches. The focus is on technologies that also meet future end-user requirements. Two trends in particular are currently shaping this area: the increasing stealth of endpoint attacks and the enormous increase in remote work over the past year.

What is an Endpoint Protection Platform?

An Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) is deployed on managed endpoints such as PCs, servers and other devices. This endpoint security solution is designed to protect against threats. It is designed to prevent known and unknown malware. In addition, an EPP provides the ability to investigate and remediate incidents. Similar to how a firewall controls and prevents unauthorised access to the network, an Endpoint Protection Platform blocks threats to endpoints such as PCs and servers.

According to Gartner, an EPP must offer the following functionalities:

  • Prevention and protection against security threats
  • The ability to apply control (allow/block) to software, scripts and processes
  • The ability to detect and prevent threats using behavioral analysis of device activity, application and user data
  • Facilities to investigate incidents further and/or obtain guidance for remediation

Sophos Intercept X

First-class endpoint protection in use at Prestele IT

Intercept X is Sophos’s comprehensive endpoint protection platform. It successfully stops the latest malware, ransomware and exploit threats. It is a comprehensive technology that goes far beyond simple virus protection.

As a managed service provider, we operate central endpoint security management with Sophos solutions to sustainably protect your network.

Sophos Intercept X provides effective protection against security threats to end-user devices on the network. Thanks to our endpoint management including endpoint security, all your devices such as desktop PCs, laptops, other mobile devices and servers are well protected. Using Intercept X prevents unauthorised access to devices and the execution of malicious software.

The strengths of Sophos Intercept X

An essential component of Endpoint Protection is “Endpoint Detection and Response” (EDR), which automatically detects potential threats.

The report particularly emphasises the newly introduced XDR technology. XDR stands for “Extended Detection and Response”. It is a solution that synchronises endpoint, server, firewall and email security. Sophos XDR thus offers a holistic overview of the corporate environment thanks to a comprehensive data set. In-depth threat detection, investigation and response analyses provide a comprehensive picture of the security situation.

Sophos Intercept X consists of:

Source: Sophos

More about Sophos and Prestele IT

Sophos is a leading provider of IT security solutions. Sophos offers a cybersecurity system in which the individual components are intelligently networked and work together in a coordinated manner – for IT security at the highest level. Intercept X also received other awards that speak for the strength of the solution.

As a Sophos partner, we rely on these advanced security solutions, which are in use by our customers and have clearly proven their worth. Contact us to find out more!


Sources: Sophos, Sophos News, Gartner, Gartner Magic Quadrant Report



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Sophos Endpoint Protection schützt vor Malware, Virus und Ransomware

Prestele IT uses leading Sophos Endpoint Protection

Sophos is our partner when it comes to IT security solutions. Now Sophos Intercept X has once again been named a leading endpoint protection platform by experts. An occasion to take a look at the sophisticated technology!

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