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Digital Workplace

How to setup a digital modern workplace

How to setup a modern workplace

A modern workplace culture embraces technology, cares less about where and how employees perform their work. Instead creates a culture built on mutual respect, trust, and accountability to meet the rising employee expectations.   

A hybrid workplace model is a setup where employees will come to the office sometimes and complete most of the tasks by working from home depending on their convenience. That means the hybrid work model has different variations in the working environment. Some companies allow employees the flexibility to work in the office as well as remotely. At the same time, some companies might have employees working either full-time remotely, or full-time in an office. And others might allow a combo of both. 

A healthy work-life balance is a principal thing for an excellent work environment. That will help to improve the efficiency of the employees. Nowadays, chronic stress is a common health issue. So, maintaining a good work-life balance will help to reduce stress.

In the traditional work environment people need to work between 9 am to 5 pm, there is no work flexibility. But hybrid work modern workplace allows the employee to work productively in their own flexible time. Meantime employees need to spend less time traveling and can share more time with family. That will cheer up the employees. By this, there is increased flexibility in work and will result in easier work-life balance. With the global pandemic shuttering office spaces and companies, the requirement for employees to work from home increased, and the new norm in 2021 has become working remotely. Anyhow for the smooth working of the hybrid workplace, we need the perfect tools and facilities. Otherwise, the potential of the idea will not be achieved. However, if an organization allows people to work in a flexible working environment, it will help to improve the productivity of the employees. 

Working from home results differently in employee's life:
  • No commuting or less commuting. It will help to save money as well as nature
  • Desire to do overwork 
  • Lower the carbon footprint 
  • Lower the case of Motor accidents 
  • Reduce stress regarding commuting to work in the morning  
  • Employees will get less human contact with the team. 
  • Over depends on technology 
  • Improved work life balance, Flexible to manage both family life and office life 

When the covid- 19 pandemic started its fury all over the world, employees had an intense wish to change the working environment. Because of the uncertainty about the effects of the pandemic, work from home was an inevitable solution. Things have not changed yet, and most people prefer to work from home now. Work from home is a remote working setup, where you can perform your professional tasks from home. For this kind of working environment, the minimum requirement is an internet connection so that one can collaborate and network with co-workers. No wonder that the demand for  IT solutions that facilitate the new working environment is on the rise. 

To establish a productive remote working environment, proper tools and procedures should be precisely placed. Good technology packets, training sections/ workshops for employees regarding how effectively and properly be a part of the remort working hierarchy will be required. Establishments need to prepare a remote-working organizational structure and monitoring tools for evaluating the employees’ performance during this period.  

Microsoft 365 is the right digital platform to connect and support employees to encourage productivity, collaboration, and engagement. Microsoft provides a group of products that will help to effectively manage the day-to-day working schedule of the modern workplace. Microsoft teams provide the facility to call, chat, conduct online meetings, real-time whiteboard presentations, online data storage to the cloud, and also allows team members to easily share their insights with the team. By using Microsoft 365 there is no need of switching from one application to another. One single screen will provide every service at your fingertips. 

End-to-end data security provided by the modern workplace is another important advantage of this tool kit. Teams mobile app on Android allows users to access files even when they are offline or have poor connectivity. 

Microsoft Planner is another application that comes with Office 365 subscription. With Planner, employees can easily create new plans and strategies for the whole team, assign tasks, attach documents for a particular task for quick access,  chat about tasks, and see charts of your team’s progress and monitor the team’s work in progress. So in effect, the application will help to increase the productivity of the organization by connecting and collaborating with the people in real-time. 

By using the innovative technology collaborations of Microsoft 365, an effective and digital workplace can be established and employee productivity matrix can be well maintained and monitored. 


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