What does SAP Business One cost?

Choose the right solution for your business and find out
how much SAP Business One will cost you

SAP Business One costs vary according to individual needs and depend on many factors. To obtain a transparent offer tailored to your needs, use our price calculator.

SAP Business One is the cost-effective, smart and completely scalable ERP system for small and medium-sized businesses. Let us calculate online the costs for your corresponding SAP Business One without any obligation and free of charge:

The Prestele all-round service

We accompany the entire process of your SAP B1 introduction: from planning, implementation and realisation to employee training, maintenance, and support. As your competent and experienced SAP Business One Partner in Munich, we are at your side during all steps.

The SAP Business One costs are based on your individual needs. Basically, you buy or rent your SAP Business One license, adjusted to the number of users. Based on the modular license model, additional users can be added as needed. You also decide on the functional scope of your SAP B1. In this way you always keep your costs under control.

No hidden costs
User control according to demand
Individual orientation to your needs
Monitor business processes in real time

Limited scope with the Starter Package:

The SAP Business One Starter Package is designed specifically for small businesses and start-ups. It is a basic version for up to five users. The Starter Package contains all the essential functions and is ideal for getting started in your start-up or growing company!

The Starter Package can be extended to the full range of functions at any time. The user licenses can be extended as required.

Purchase and Rental Licenses

You purchase the licenses for SAP B1.

The SAP software is integrated into your existing on-site IT infrastructure. You have direct control and access to your data and are not dependent on an Internet connection.
Dedicated Hosting:
You purchase or rent the licences for SAP B1

We operate your SAP Business One according to your needs in our own data processing centre. The SAP B1 operation on our servers is always available and secure.
Cloud Version:
You rent the licenses for SAP B1

The SAP Business One Cloud solution offers you secure access to your data via Internet browser from anywhere and at any time. Leased licenses cannot be operated on your premises. The costs are billed per month.
Which is the best option for your company depends on many different factors. For example, your existing IT infrastructure or your budget. Get free advice from our SAP B1 experts and use our SAP Business One price calculator.

Different User Licenses:

Professional User:
The SAP Business One Professional User is designed for users who want to make use of the full range of functions of the SAP system. This license type is particularly suitable for employees who work in several areas or who are in management positions.
Limited User:
The SAP Business One Limited User is designed for users who require limited access to the SAP system. Access is then restricted to certain functional areas, for example, sales, accounting, or logistics.

Maintenance and support

After the successful implementation of SAP Business One in your company, the collaboration continues. We regularly maintain your ERP system and keep it up to date. In this way we guarantee continuous business operations.

Throughout, you will receive competent support from the Prestele team. We are here for you! Please contact our support in case of any problems:

Maintenance and support

To ensure the professional introduction and application of your new ERP system, take advantage of our consulting and training services!

We offer comprehensive training for your employees so that you are well prepared for the use of SAP Business One. It facilitates the implementation in already existing workflows and processes. During the implementation of the new ERP system the key users in your company will be trained by us. We also provide training materials. After all, your key users should pass on their knowledge to the end users in your company.

Do you have any further questions about our offer? Contact us now or arrange a consultation appointment online!
Would you like to test SAP Business One before you decide to buy? No problem! Try our 14-day free demo version right now!
Would you like to test SAP Business One before you decide to buy? No problem! Try our 14-day free demo version right now!

Depending on the configuration in which you want to purchase SAP B1, different costs are incurred.

Before you start thinking about what exactly you need, and if so, how much of it, we will calculate your SAP Business One in line with your company’s objectives and requirements. All the SAP Business One calculator needs to know is a few details about who will be responsible for the project management, whether you want to rent or buy, which and above all how many employee functions it should use, and it will calculate exactly the ideal configuration. So, you never have too little and never pay too much. Also try the free demo version.